Joanna Baranowska
Project Coordinator
Medical University of Lodz

Smart-Up Lab 2019 

Innovative and solution-driven e-lab programme

The Smart-Up Lab is an international E-Lab programme organised in parallel in Łódź, Poland, Naples, Italy, and Tartu, Estonia. During the eight-month programme, interdisciplinary project teams will develop their ideas and products under dedicated mentoring. Participants are invited to learn through immersion and hands-on experience with real life challenges. This brings real value to both participants and the companies or organisations who provide the challenges.

About this activity

By establishing a strong E-Lab consortium between three EIT Health academic partners, located in three EIT RIS eligible countries, this project aims to spread a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about ideation processes, business planning, entrepreneurship, value creation, market research, financing, product presentation and many other skills connected with business creation. They will be lead through the process, including receiving help with decisions about intellectual property protection and future commercialisation. Applicants can be students, PhD candidates, researchers or entrepreneurs, from various disciplines – including medicine, life sciences, economy, IT, technical disciplines or similar areas. They may already have an idea for their innovation, but it is not necessary. The cooperation between various groups of participants integrates the knowledge triangle between education, research and innovation. All activities are geared towards building a new generation with an innovative mind-set, thereby helping to foster an overall improvement in healthcare.

EIT Health partners in this project