Wild Card Projects

Magda Krakowiak
Innovation Manager, Wild Card Projects
EIT Health

EIT Health Wild Card Projects are high-risk, innovative projects with transformative potential. The projects are targeted at challenges provided by EIT Health Partners, where the “solution” of the challenge would be a major breakthrough.

Each Wild Card Project consists of three distinct parts – the challenge, the team and the network of incubators, which is a flexible structure supporting the project. Connected to these are three processes: challenge identification and selection; team selection; project initiation and support.

Wild Card Projects identify and support truly ground-breaking ideas and projects, focusing on applied research, entrepreneurial ideas and innovative thinking to address healthcare challenges and improve health outcomes for Europe’s citizens.

The challenges are based on proposals from EIT Health Partners.

2019 projects

The Wild Card projects for 2019 both address the challenges of "Mental and Brain Health", which sought projects to improve prediction, diagnosis and treatment to fight mental disorders and strengthen brain health. The projects chosen were:

  • iLof uses a non-invasive, portable, inexpensive photonics and Artificial Intelligence system to screen for Alzheimer's making clinical trials, less expensive, more convenient and patient-centric.
  • Pipra’s data-driven and AI-based application will allow clinicians to inform patients about their individual risk for post-operative cognitive disorders

2018 projects

Based on the 2018 Wild Card Challenges of “Smart Health”, which sought projects that use the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and “Fight Back”, which sought projects addressing the problem of antimicrobial resistance, two projects were chosen to receive mentoring and hosting at an incubator, and €2 million each in development support: 

  • Abtrace uses artificial intelligence to provide doctors with the information they need to pick the correct antibiotic for every patient.
  • Smart4Diagnostics surveils the quality of human blood samples before laboratory testing.

The challenges for 2020:

In 2020, the Wild Cards programme will be seeking innovations that solve one of two challenges:

  • Women’s Health: How to improve prediction, diagnosis and treatment to advance women’s health outcomes?
  • Digital Therapeutics: How to harness the power of digital solutions to prevent, manage and treat medical conditions or disease?

Find out more about the Wild Card Projects here: http://wildcard.eithealth.eu/

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