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WE Health

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Health Innovation

WE Health aims at enhancing the participation of women in health innovation and entrepreneurship, by providing capacity building specifically tailored to women’s needs and by supporting their professional advancement. WE Health also aims at raising awareness of the positive economic and social impact of gender diversity in health innovation, while generating new ideas to foster a more balanced innovation/business community.

 About this activity

Empowering Women Entrepreneurship in Health Innovation (WE Health) is a strategic project of the EIT Health Campus Programme, started in 2017. It identifies educational needs of women health innovators and works to meet those needs. WE Health targets the overall EIT Health community, in particular women entrepreneurs and innovators, including researchers, (potential) entrepreneurs, women in the healthcare industry, etc. Women in other communities also directly or indirectly benefit from the WE Health activities –  such as capacity building, mentorship activities and networking – while enhanced networking and knowledge exchange with external women’s initiatives are mutually beneficial.

WE Health looks to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Developing new capacity-building and mentoring activities tailored the specific needs of women, taking into account the findings from our own assessment studies and literature review on gender.
  • Creating a dedicated space for all interested actors involved in promoting women’s leadership and gender diversity, through the establishment of the WE Health Network, a mentoring programme.
  • Using new communication tools and content to raise awareness of the need for more women-led start-ups and women health leaders for greater sustainable economic and social impact.

Contact: we@eithealth.eu

See the project website: http://we.eithealth.eu

WE Health News

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WE Health Module 3: Empowering Women Leadership in Health Innovation

On 17-19 September, IESE Business School hosted the third module of the Capacity Building Programme offered by the Empowering Women Entrepreneurship in Health Innovation (WE Health), a strategic EIT Health Campus project. Around forty women from seven ...
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