prof. dr. ir.
Menno Prins
professor Molecular Biosensing for Medical Diagn.
Eindhoven university of Technology


SensUs Innovators

SensUs is a unique type of healthcare innovation training, focused on the development of biosensors. It employs innovative modes of education built around a competition among multidisciplinary groups of students – who work as teams to develop new sensor prototypes and business models. From 13-16 renowned universities will be involved in the course in 2019. Also this year, partners will work to make SensUs a network organisation that expands and replicates the project’s novel concepts for stimulating education and innovation.

About this activity

The SensUs course brings together teams of university students from all over the world to compete in developing biosensors, as well as business models for the commercialisation of those bionsensors. This year the competition focuses on biosensors to measure adalimumab, a biological drug used to treat rheumatic disease, with the goal of improving management of rheumatic disease. SensUs participants will be trained for nine months in multidisciplinary skills, through training in their own universities as well as web lectures and feedback sessions on technology and innovation and entrepreneurship. All teams will showcase their biosensors during the SensUs Innovation Days at Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, Germany, in September 2019. Students will give presentations to companies, healthcare professionals, patients, public authorities, the general public and other relevant stakeholders. The biosensors will be judged on multiple criteria, such as analytical performance, creativity, and industrialisation potential, by representatives of academia, industry and healthcare. Along with the training, partners will work to develop a network that expands the SensUs project’s unique and creative approach to educating innovators.

A video about the 2018 SensUs competition

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