Rules for participation in EIT Health activities

Eligible Entities under Horizon 2020

As a basic rule, only entities from Member States of the European Union (EU) are eligible to participate in EIT Health funded projects. This is a direct consequence of EIT Health – and of course, EIT – being an organisation supported by the EU under the Horizon 2020 framework programme. Other than Member States of the EU, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and other countries with exceptional status are also eligible for funding. A list of eligible countries can be found here.

Participation of the Members of the EIT Health Association

Only Members of the EIT Health Association – Core and Associate Partners – can participate in the EIT Health annual Call for Proposals. Members submit proposals that aim to demonstrate innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to tackle defined healthcare challenges. Proposals are selected for funding through a rigorous and competitive evaluation process; criteria for success include excellence, fit to strategy (such as meeting unmet healthcare needs), the team, and implementation plan. The selected proposals then populate the EIT Health annual Business Plan.

A full overview of all EIT Health Core and Associate Partners can be found here.

Participation of non-members of the EIT Health Association

Non-EIT Health members can also participate in EIT Health projects by collaborating with EIT Health Core and Associate Partners. Such a collaboration is fostered through local events, through cross-border partnerships within other EU funded programmes, or in building projects together through the regional nodes (CLC and InnoStars offices).

By collaborating with EIT Health Core and Associate Partners, these non-members, also known as External Project Partners (EPPs), can request up to €50 000 per partner per Business Plan year. These EPPs are included in the proposals submitted to EIT Health during the annual Call for Proposals and, if the proposal is selected, the EPP will be asked to accede to the Framework Partnership Agreement and thus be eligible recipients of an EIT Health grant.

Participation of Learners and Entrepreneurs

In addition to the provision of funding to selected proposals arising from within the membership, all EIT Health Campus and Accelerator programmes are open to learners, professionals, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Opportunities to apply for these programmes are found here and are regularly updated.

Participation of Entities in RIS Regions

EIT Health's Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) is designed to close the gap between regions that are leaders in healthcare innovation and areas that have more moderate and less evolved local innovation ecosystems. The goal is to help citizens in these countries and regions in Europe to enjoy the benefits of innovation and enterpreneurship – and to have access to new products and services supporting active aging and healthy living.

To find out more about getting involved in EIT Health RIS programmes, please go here or contact our InnoStars office.