Programmes: How we do what we do

Programmes: Campus provides education, left; Innovation Projects support ideas, centre; and Accelerator promotes entrepreneurs, right.

EIT Health activities are geared toward promoting healthcare innovation by nurturing promising enterprises, developing talent and supporting innovative ideas. 

Our three programme areas are Accelerator for business development, Campus for education and Innovation Projects to support new ideas. But that does not mean that the programmes work separately – in fact, they are designed to complement one another. Graduates from Campus courses can find support in the Innovation Project programmes and also gain assistance with scaling up their ideas and taking them to the market through the Accelerator. 

Taken together EIT Health's three programmes provide a broad range of activities that support healthcare innovation from the spark of an idea on to commercialisation, which ultimately makes these innovations available to European citizens.

Find out more about our specific programmes, and the diverse activities taking place within each one, in the links below:


Education for Europe's top students, professionals, executives – and citizens too.


Where startups are incubated, ideas are validated and enterprises scale up into the market.

Innovation Projects

Support for ideas that occur to innovative minds and solutions that are designed to address  a specific need.