Georges Weil
University Grenoble Alpes


Pepite oZer ELab

Pepite oZer is an Entrepreneurship Lab (ELab) that seeks to teach students about healthy ageing innovations, to provide training for student entrepreneurs and to assist them in project creation.

About this activity

Pepite oZer eLab (POZE) is a one-year programme to give Master’s students and other learners tools to commercialise innovations that address health and healthy ageing. Participants will be prepared to develop their own start-ups and will be expected to deliver a short business plan and oral presentation after the course. The programme offers students training in how to become an entrepreneur and accompanies students during business creation. It also builds awareness among students about entrepreneurship and health-and-healthy-ageing innovation. The previous two years of EIT Health funding have allowed the programme to undertake successful health-and-healthy-ageing activities, which have attracted an increasing number of students to our programme and activities. This year, POZE proposes to collect our Best Practises in a Workbook, and to share our processes – for instance Uppsala, Barcelona and Lodz universities will import some of the practices of University of Grenoble Alps and vice versa. The project will also export our FabLab Escape game, which introduces FabLab tools to student-entrepreneurs, and will continue the work of becoming a health-and-healthy-ageing hub for all students-entrepreneurs in France.

EIT Health Partners in this project