Felix Schmutterer
Programme Director


EIT Health Master of Science in Health and Medical Data Analytics

The Master in Health and Medical Data Analytics (MSc HMDA) offers students across Europe a robust education in healthcare data analytics and entrepreneurship. After experiencing innovative pedagogy, studies abroad, and cross-organisational internships, graduates will have a unique multidisciplinary profile: They will be trained as computer scientists, with skills in data analytics for health applications and an understanding of how to exploit this knowledge from a business perspective.

About this activity

The Master of Science in Health and Medical Data Analytics will prepare students to succeed in this emerging field at the intersection of health informatics, data science and digitisation. A strong curriculum offered by European partner universities with expertise in these fields will address a spectrum of analytics, including data acquisition from traditional and emerging data streams, data aggregation methods, data mining algorithms, and visualisation techniques, all with a focus on health and healthcare. Each partner university has its own specialisation within the two-year programme, and students will spend a portion of their studies abroad. Through required course work in innovation and entrepreneurship, students will develop an understanding of ideation and business creation. Students also gain hands-on, practical experience by participating in internships provided by academic, healthcare, and industry partners and offered at each of the participating universities. The programme received the EIT Label in 2019.

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