EIT Health

Together for healthy lives in Europe

EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. We deliver solutions to enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives by promoting innovation. We connect the right people and the right topics across European borders, so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business – for the benefit of citizens.

We facilitate

At EIT Health, we facilitate innovation to improve the health of European citizens. In Innovation Projects, workshops, and start-up programmes, we foster collaboration – and support innovators with funding, expertise, and access to the market, so that breakthrough ideas can be implemented rapidly.

We collaborate

We collaborate across European borders and bring stakeholders to the table. We build strong links between business, research and education. And we connect innovators with payers, public authorities and investors. This allows us to break down existing barriers, boost entrepreneurship, and help build a stronger health ecosystem in Europe.

We create

The EIT Health network comprises best-in-class health innovators, who create outside-the-box solutions. We deliver meaningful new products and services, and support ground-breaking ideas. These efforts help create new businesses and jobs – while always putting the health of citizens front and centre. 

We educate

We want to improve health education, promote healthy lifestyles, and help health professionals grow. To this end, we share insights and disseminate knowledge. Because we believe that our findings and efforts can benefit many, we share them through citizen engagement activities, workshops, and skill development programmes.


From our initiatives and programmes

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With project teams confirmed, Food4Health's first two projects officially launched on 1 September and held their kick-off meetings shortly after: the STOP MetSyn team met 20 September and MuscleCancer met 10 October.

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