History of the EIT Health Partnership

An EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community

EIT Health was created in December 2015 as a result of a call by the EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology) for a new KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community) to leverage Europe’s potential to fully harness innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare. As such, the concept of building a knowledge community around the common goal to address the need for “healthy living and active ageing” in Europe is a unique approach, bringing together the best and brightest in the field of healthcare in Europe.

The concentration and diversity of skills in the knowledge community is the essence and strength of EIT Health. By creating a community made up of members representing best-in-class leaders across the healthcare spectrum, breakthrough innovation can attain maximum impact by truly focusing all efforts in key areas identified as most valuable for Europe in the next decades by tackling healthcare’s biggest challenges, driving economic growth and job creation.

In order to maintain this focus, EIT Health ensures its leadership in healthcare innovation by selecting partners with key skills and expertise that support the vision of healthy living and active ageing. In addition, the network of such partners must support the integration of the Knowledge Triangle, where innovation, education, and business creation truly interact to create an optimal environment to nurture and accelerate the journey of innovative and creative ideas to market; providing products and services for the benefit of patients and citizens.

Creation of the EIT Health Knowledge and Innovation Coummunity

The KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community) was officially designated in December 2015. The seven-year Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) signed by EIT on 25 February 2016 captures the strategic agenda of the KIC, while structuring the legal and financial mechanisms of the EIT grant. The FPA includes the list of KIC Partners eligible for EIT funding, and it is regularly amended due to the dynamic nature of the Partnership.

EIT Health is a not for profit association where members adhere to certain requirements and responsibilities established in its By-Laws and Articles of Association (AoA).

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