Vicente Traver
R&D director
Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia


Empowering citizens to face loneliness and be healthy and active

HEALTHY LONELINESS is a project to provide seniors with tools to help them tackle their feelings of loneliness, increase their self-esteem, and understand that living alone does not have to mean living in loneliness.

About this activity

Through different education initiatives that take into account the needs of the elderly, the HEALTHY LONLINESS project addresses an important issue. The phenomenon of elderly loneliness grows more prevalent every day, and it represents a reduction in the quality of life of many people, hindering their health and well-being. A 2009 review of various parts of Europe found that, in some countries, as many as 15% of adults aged 60-80 report frequent feelings of loneliness.

This project is designed to empower citizens to address loneliness through different activities. It aims to:

  • Achieve a better understanding of the current loneliness situation among the elderly in urban environments, identifying its causes, consequences and needs that are not covered by the more common solutions.
  • Improve participants’ quality of life and self-esteem and reinforce the positive points of living alone.
  • Evaluate participants' mental health and self-esteem status before and after their participation in the project.
  • Motivate a permanent change in individuals’ lives towards healthy and active ageing.

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