Magali Richard
Research Associate
University Grenoble Alpes


Health Data Challenges


Health Data Challenges is a programme dedicated to addressing big data integration in healthcare while also developing innovation in education. Using disruptive pedagogical methods and new digital technologies, it facilitates innovation in data analysis and personalised medicine that can help achieve a better standard of healthcare. The project stresses the importance of collaborative versus competitive approaches to education to solve methodological issues at the forefront of health data analysis.

About this activity

Health Data Challenges is an education programme based on active learning methods. The programme seeks to improve pedagogic practices by experimenting with cooperative and competitive approaches in addressing data challenges involving complex analysis. The result of the course will be real proposals for solutions to healthcare challenges.

The programme will gather transdisciplinary instructors (researchers and professors), students, and health professionals working to solve big data methodological issues. The outcome of the data challenges should provide:

  1. analytical frameworks to bridge the gap between large data sets and personalised medicine in disease treatments;
  2. innovative pedagogical methods to enable students to tackle big data analysis in health.

The experimental data challenge will be followed by a dissemination phase. The programme will be massively disseminated throughout the EIT Health network, to educate high profile students in order to improve healthcare for all. This programme ensures creativity and innovation as it uses new educational methodologies and involves novel analytical methodology. By proposing original pedagogy, it will shape modern education programmes for the changing landscape of data analysis within healthcare.

EIT Health partners in this project