Gold Track

Joy Cürten
Business Creation Manager
EIT Health

Gold Track is a highly individualised mentorship programme that delivers tailored strategic guidance to help massively scalable life science companies succeed in the global marketplace.

At the heart of the programme is an Expert Council, comprised of successful entrepreneurs and top industry executives from a range of fields within the healthcare sector including digital health, medical devices and biotechnology. Members of the Expert Council work one-on-one with companies to support their success. This milestone-oriented programme is designed to help companies achieve ambitious business goals within short timelines.

The Programme

Gold Track aims to grow outstanding innovation in Europe’s healthcare sector by providing visionary, emerging companies with access to a top-notch network, customised and strategic guidance, and access to a range of programmes from the EIT Health Accelerator Programme portfolio. 

The programme is built on Eight Steps to Success:

  1. Nomination: a company is nominated by Team Gold, EIT Health Co-Location Centers (CLCs), EIT Health HQ or any Expert Council member.
  2. Application: Nominated companies fill out an application questionnaire. Once completed, Team Gold will perform due diligence on the applicants and invite the ten companies that qualify to a Gold Track Workshop.
  3. Evaluation: Following evaluation by Team Gold, the top then companies in each cycle are invited to a Gold Track Workshop which takes place three times a year in a major European city.
  4. Initial Gold Track Workshop: At the Gold Track Workshop, companies will present their corporate story and ambitions in front of the Expert Council during one-on-one sessions. Ultimately, they will compete for entry into the programme and mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders.
  5. Kick-Off of Three-Phase Programme: Once selected for the programme, companies engage in three programme phases: Orientation, Preparation and Market Access - approximately four months per phase.
  6. Gain Strategic Lead: Throughout the programme, companies will be supported by a Strategic Lead from the Expert Council, as well as several hand-selected Mentors with deep subject matter expertise and substantial industry experience. Each company will also be assigned a Project Manager to support with logistics.
  7. Evaluation Workshops: At the end of each programme phase, companies will participate in a Gold Track Workshop to reconvene with the Expert Council, receive evaluations based on progress and achievements of the past phase, and network with other companies in the programme and those competing to enter the Gold Track.
  8. Status as a Gold Track Alumnus: Following programme completion, each Gold Track company will become a Gold Track Alumnus, receiving access to alumni resources, mentoring services and the expansive Gold Track programme network.

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