Assistant Professor
Maria Carnide
University of Lisbon

Frailty, Falls, and Functional Loss Education (3Fights@Edu)

About this MOOC: 3Fights@Edu is a MOOC designed to give a better perspective about frailty, falls and functional decline with ageing. It also provides strategies and solutions to promote active ageing and to maintain independent living, through an information package about geriatric syndromes directed specifically to the elderly and their families. Overall, this MOOC will promote and improve health literacy and lifestyle changes in elderly citizens/patients and caregiver. It will provide self-management tools and strategies to control functional decline, and to prevent falls and frailty syndrome.

Learning Objectives:

  • Acquire Knowledge in the following topics;

    • Ageing process and the functional decline

    • Main geriatric syndromes

    • Relationship of functional decline with increased medical care and hospitalization

    • Main risk factors and consequences of frailty, sarcopenia, and immobility

    • Independent effects of physical activity and sedentary behavior in the muscular, skeletal and neuro motor systems

    • Solutions that can assist in prevention and rehabilitation

    • Strategies to adopt to counter the risk of falls and functional decline

    • The existing solutions and treatments

Target Group: Senior citizens and their families

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