How to join us

Participation in EIT Health activities for those who are not yet Core or Associate Partners

Participating in EIT Health activities by applying for the Business Plan 2021 Calls for Proposals may be easier than you think.

EIT Health is a consortium of approximately 150 best-in-class Partners from academia, research, and the healthcare and pharma industries, as well as healthcare providers and payers. This network was created with the understanding that bringing together these diverse perspectives, abilities and strengths can drive the kind of healthcare innovations that improve people's lives. Activities proposed under this call require participation of one or more EIT Health Core or Associate Partners, listed here.

Nonetheless, the partnership is open to others who can add their own value in encouraging innovation in healthcare.

Ways in which non-partners can work with EIT Health:

  • Non-members can participate in consortia as “External Project Partners” in projects that are led by Core or Associate Partners. Find out more about types of partnerships here.
  • Innovative start-ups now have the possibility to become the project leads, even if they are not EIT Health Partners. The EIT Health Amplifier allows start-ups to drive Innovation Projects and receive up to €500 000 in support, in exchange for giving EIT Health options that can be sold or converted into equity.

Join us by becoming an EIT Health Partner

If you are not yet a member: EIT Health welcomes new Partners! See more about becoming a Partner here.

Learn more and get help in participating

If you are interested in cooperating with EIT Health, you can get help and more information by contacting the Regional Office (CLC or InnoStars) corresponding to your location: