Paddie Murphy
Eit Health Priority Lead
University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Engaging Europe via City Networks (CITYNET)

Course/Programme Description: CITYNET proposes a network of cities organizing festivals and social media activities to inform, inspire, engage and connect citizens, municipalities, NGO's and entrepreneurs to cooperate towards healthier living and active ageing. The programme focuses on what is important in people’s lives  their needs and desires as a person, not only as a patient  and to get this on the political agenda. Citizens and organizations will collaborate to create city environments facilitating higher degrees of vitality of European seniors.

Course/Programme Objectives:

  • Connecting and inspiring opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, professionals and citizens

  • Reaching out directly to the target groups

  • Providing opportunities and resources for the uptake of citizen-centred health and wellbeind

Learning Outcomes:

  • Validate 2016 handbook and toolkit for municipalities to produce a culturally adapted version of the EIT Health Vitality Festival in Coventry – the first vitality living lab in the world – covering the themes of healthy living, active ageing and well being.

  • Produce a 2.0 festival concept, including lessons learnt and insights gained from Lisbon and other cities

  • Provide insights into:

    • Moving healthier living and active aging to the heart of the public agenda

    • Inspiring citizens towards healthier living and active ageing.

    • Bringing isolated older citizens back into society

    • Closing the gap between generations

    • Translating research into sustainable solutions

    • Achieving a paradigm shift from government-centred to citizen-centred healthcare

    • Making people think positively regarding growing old

Target Group:

  • Opinion Leaders

  • NGOs

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Professionals

  • Citizens

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