EIT Health Headstart Funding Programme 

Winners of a Headstart/Proof of Concept pitch contest in Dublin, Ireland in September 2016.

Joy Cürten
Business Creation Manager
EIT Health

As part of its Accelerator activities, EIT Health provides funding for early stage companies and SMEs to develop new products and services. These should fit to the overall EIT Health thematic scope, “Healthy Living, Active Ageing, Improved Health Care”.

The purpose of the EIT Health Headstart funding is:

  • to support the applicants in realizing next steps towards the market and shorten time-to-market for innovative products and services;

  • to verify the need/benefit of the product/service for users/customers/payers/partners;

  • to increase the possibility to attract further private investment.

Important Dates

  • Submission starting: 9 February 2018

  • Second submission deadline (for German CLC): 7 September 2018

Is it for me?

The EIT Health Headstart Funding Programme is suitable for micro and small enterprises, including spin-offs and start-ups that have a well- developed prototype and are ready to launch a product. The company must be incorporated/registered before the subgranting agreement initiation.

Funding terms and conditions

  • A maximum EIT Health contribution of €50 000 can be requested for each project.
  • The start of the project needs to be in 2018 and the maximum duration of a project is 12 months.
  • The funding is non-dilutive with no strings attached. Nevertheless, each funded project must enagage in an  EIT Health accelerator activity/event (minimum amount of 2 000 of the awarded funding has to be budgeted), and this must be accounted for in the project plan. Examples are:
  1. Support from the European Mentoring and Coaching Network
  2. Access the European network of Living Labs and Test Beds
  3. Traveling to attend relevant EIT health events (Accelerator or Alumni)
  4. Attend meetings or event related to the project objectives with the conditions that EIT Health is clearly identified as a sponsor of this meeting/event
  • The project submitted must have significant co-investment of at least 50% of the requested Headstart Funding, (exception for Innostars regions where 25% is expected).
  • The funding can be used for all activities that are necessary and relevant to reach the Headstart funding project’s objectives.
  • The funding cannot be used for pure research activities.

Please apply for Headstart funding using this link.