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Helping Innovators Clear Hurdles
EIT Health Innovation Director Jorge‑Fernandez Garcia & CIMIT COO John Collins

AI and health
By Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT


Why start-ups need backing
By Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health


Education in Health Innovation
By Ursula Mühle, Director of Education at EIT Health


Clearing the path to innovation
By Sameena Conning, EIT Health Director of External Affairs


Digital diabetes solutions
By Freimut Schliess, Director of Science & Innovation, Profil GmbH


Public Involvement 
By Ania Henley, Public Involvement Advisor at Imperial College


We couldn’t agree more

By Jan-Philipp Beck, EIT Health CEO

How do we prevent innovators from falling at the next hurdle?

Jorge‑Fernandez Garcia, EIT Health Director of Innovation

21 NOVEMBER 2019:  EIT Health seeks to contribute towards a stronger health ecosystem in Europe by overcoming fragmentation, increasing efficiency and breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare – and they are not alone in this effort. Jorge‑Fernandez Garcia, EIT Health Director of Innovation, and John Collins, COO of CIMIT, discuss approaches for successful healthcare innovation.



AI and health: Reaping rewards while addressing ethical concerns

Robert Viola, Director General of DG Connect

24 SEPTEMBER 2019:  Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT, answers our questions about what the EU is doing to regulate Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, so that ethical concerns are addressed and Europeans are still able to benefit from AI's potential to improve their lives.



Why start-ups need backing to break into the medtech sector

Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health

23 SEPTEMBER 2019:  Bringing healthcare innovations to market is challenging, and especially so for start-ups, according to Dr. Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health. He explains the obstacles and how EIT Health is attempting to help – and members of two start-ups supported by EIT Health describe their own experiences with the challenges of commercialising their ideas.



Health innovation: What does education have to do with it?

Ursula Mühle, Director of Education at EIT Health

10 JULY 2019:  Education in health must be complemented by business skills development in order to have an impact beyond the classroom, according to Ursula Mühle, Director of Education at EIT Health. In this article, she explains how EIT Health bridges a gap in providing entrepreneurship training, as well as innovative educational offerings for students, professionals, patients and citizens.



EIT Health Think Tank: Clearing the path to innovation

Sameena Conning EIT Health Director of External Affairs

7 JULY 2019:  ‘The innovation pathway’ refers to the journey an innovation takes from idea to availability, yet the path isn’t always clear-cut. EIT Health Director of External Affairs, Sameena Conning, explains how the EIT Health Think Tank is working to assess the current state of play across Europe and suggest improvements that can be made with the ultimate aim of getting innovation to patients quicker.



Digital solutions in the management of diabetes

Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess
Director of Science & Innovation at Profil GmbH

28 MAY 2019:  Everyday diabetes management and treatment involves the generation of a vast amount of data, which creates opportunities for personalised and integrated care, according to Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess, head of the CLOSE EIT Health Innovation Project. In this article, he explains the potential for collaborative innovation to improve the way we manage diabetes.



Public Involvement: Nothing about us without us 

Ania Henley
Public Involvement Advisor at Imperial College

18 APRIL 2019:  Involving the right people in the development of health innovations is something that we believe in strongly here at EIT Health. Many of our activities embed the process of gathering insights from the people we aim to serve, including patients, citizens, healthcare professionals and health service providers. We spoke to UK public involvement expert Ania Henley from Imperial College London to ask her about this topic.



#BalanceforBetter: We couldn’t agree more

By Jan-Philipp Beck
EIT Health CEO

8 MARCH 2019:  This International Women’s Day, CEO Jan-Philipp Beck shares his thoughts on gender balance in health innovation, and highlights some of the inspirational women within the EIT Health network who are pioneering in their field.