Summer Schools

Raoul Haschke
EIT Health Summer School Coordinator
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

The EIT Health Summer Schools support innovation by empowering the healthcare leaders and innovators of tomorrow. These programmes provide students with the necessary skills to identify needs related to healthcare and to transform innovative ideas into well-elaborated business cases that can attract investment.

Summer Schools are two-to-three week programmes. Compared to E-Labs or other Campus activities, Summer Schools stand at the beginning of the health innovation pathway. Their main objective is to deliver the knowledge, skills and attitude that can prepare learners for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in fields relevant to the three major challenges EIT Health seeks to address: promoting healthy living, supporting active ageing and improving healthcare. Each school should address one or more of these challenges, or a cross-cutting topic.

The EIT Health Campus Summer Schools 2018 were asekd to focus on the following themes:

  • Prevention and lifestyle interventions
  • Digital transformation in the context of health
  • Health entrepreneurship and health innovation 

The Summer schools that will take place in 2018 are:

Details on dates and how to apply to Campus Summer Schools will be posted on these pages as the information becomes available.