Roel Heijden
Innovation Officer
University Medical Center Groningen


Data-Driven Policy in Public Health

This cross-sector summer school aims to give public health researchers expertise in using real-world data to analyse complex patterns in daily practice. Participants will learn from experts in different public health domains about how to translate their research findings into concrete decision-support policy instruments. They will also receive training to examine potential business cases supporting these instruments.

About this activity

This summer school looks at current and future public health challenges from an interdisciplinary and cross-sector perspective. Participants study how these challenges differ within health systems and countries across Europe – in particular in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. The analysis will show how country differences contribute to worldwide health inequality. Participants will analyse selected case studies and datasets from non-academic partners, such as health insurers, governmental organisations and community health services. They will learn how to use real-world data and data science tools to dissect and crunch the complex patterns behind these case studies. This hands-on approach is combined with lectures and active learning modules to connect theory with actual practises used in research and business. Participants become familiar with the policy implications of their findings and are encouraged to design possible solutions. Students will form small public health “consultancy start-ups” to develop decision-support policy instruments corresponding to the solutions of their case studies and will explore wider societal/commercial implications of these instruments.

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