Margareta Krabbe
Senior Lecturer
Uppsala universitet

High-level public outreach to increase awareness on the benefit of a healthy lifestyle (Run4Health)

Run4Health targets a broad public audience as it promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through outreach activities held in conjunction with running races in three Scandinavian cities. The activity involves cross-disciplinary groups of students, researchers and business collaborators. It includes an educational hands-on activity, health information and a dialogue with citizens to identify new challenges to improving our health.

Course/Programme Activity: The activity presented here is a novel approach that promotes a growth mindset in our students. The final part of the activity will include a direct face-to-face interaction between students, entrepreneurs and the target groups present at different running races. There is also the option of a short run or walk route, to reach a broad audience. Prior to the outreach activity, students will participate in inter-disciplinary learning activities providing them with tools and strengthening their competences to identify needs, generate ideas and test solutions. They will gain an understanding of how to develop products/interventions and even business models. The aim is to develop a successful outreach activity that will increase citizens’ awareness and motivation about healthy living, and in particular physical activity. Run4Health provides examples of innovative solutions for better health to inspire public involvement and feedback, about citizens’ needs and about the obstacles they see to achieving healthy lifestyles and individualised health care.

Target Group:

  1. Interested and talented university students who have a background in areas with relevance for health and health care and who are eager to bridge knowledge barriers to solve challenges for public health.
  2. Private and public actors (innovators and entrepreneurs) in the health and well-being sector seeking increased interaction in R&D.
  3. Citizens at large city events who are willing to learn more about how to manage own health and to also contribute with experiences and ideas.

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