An Effort Stretching Across Europe

To ensure a strong network, EIT Health maintains a regional structure that stretches across Europe.

While EIT Health’s headquarters are located in Munich (Germany), the EIT Health network consists of six co-location centres (CLCs) in London (UK/Ireland), Stockholm (Scandinavia), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Mannheim and Heidelberg (Germany/Switzerland) and Rotterdam (Belgium/Netherlands).

The CLCs are areas with high ratings in the EU Innovation Scorecard, featuring clusters of innovative firms, universities and research centres, all of which can provide access to laboratories, test beds and infrastructures that will promote close cooperation.

With the aim of driving the potential of emerging innovation clusters, EIT Health has also included the “EIT Health InnoStars” to its network. These regional clusters consist of industry partners, academia, and health providers linked to regions in five countries – Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal.