Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)

Monika Toth
Ris Program Manager
EIT Health InnoStars





The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) established the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) to increase the innovation capacity in areas of Europe not directly benefitting from the activities of EIT Health and other EIT Knowledge and Information Communities (KICs).

EIT Health's RIS is designed to close the gap between regions that are leaders in healthcare innovation and areas that have more moderate innovation. The goal is to help citizens in less developed European countries enjoy the benefits of innovation – and have access to new products and services supporting active aging and healthy living.


In 2019, EIT Health RIS activities will focus on two main areas of action:

  • the involvement of RIS stakeholders in EIT Health programmes;
  • the development of local innovation ecosystems in RIS regions, through the dissemination of the knowledge triangle integration model. 

Overview of RIS Hubs:

EIT Health has already established 14 RIS Hubs in 13 countries across Europe. Click on the map at right to see a Prezi presentation about the assets of RIS Hubs. The Hubs and their websites are as follows:

Target Group

RIS provides an opportunity for all important stakeholders of 13 RIS regions to be engaged with the EIT Health network and activities. Specific target groups include: students, PhDs, innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, start-ups, SMEs, companies, municipalities, citizens, patients and healthcare providers.


RIS News

Twelve healthcare projects from emerging regions get kick-start from EIT Health

A system allowing 24/7 heart monitoring, a device helping diabetes patients avoid leg amputation, an AI-enhanced software looking for the early signs of Alzheimer and an innovative endoprostesis which allows to repl ...
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EIT Health InnoStars dominates in Start-ups Meet Pharma 2019

BestHealth4U and InSignals Neurotech beat out one hundred other European companies and they have already begun working on the development of their products with potential investors and EIT Health Partners.
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From the laboratory to the market: IP Roadshow in Italy

A series of meetings with Italian innovators took place in Sicily, on 10-12 July. The roadshow, led by Italian EIT Health Hub was focused on patents, intellectual property rights and innovations in healthcare.
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Learning from excellence: EIT Health Hubs and InnoStars Partners visit Oxford

On 26-28 June 2019, EIT Health Hubs together with InnoStars Partners visited the innovation hub in Oxford. This is the Oxford’s innovation ecosystem that contains organisations and institutions such as University of Oxford, ...
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InnoStars Awards 2019 boost 15 start-ups from Regional Innovation Scheme countries

Fifteen start-ups from Central, Eastern and Southern European countries that are still developing in terms of healthcare innovation will be given €25 000 in funding, as well as training and mentorin ...
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InnoStars names 15 innovative healthcare start-ups as recipients of 2019 EIT Health Headstart support

EIT Health InnoStars has chosen 15 InnoStars start-ups as the winners of EIT Health Headstart support for 2019. They will recei ...
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EIT Health Hub runs Picnic for Health

The Medical University of Gdańsk - EIT Health Hub - educates about healthy living and active ageing, promoting EIT Health activities as well.
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10 start-ups coming from InnoStars regions compete in the next stage of Start-ups Meet Pharma

The most promising start-ups want to tackle some of the top pharma challenges and develop solutions that can change clinical trials or treatment for Parkinson ...
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EIT Health InnoStars at #DEMODAY

On Thursday, May 9. 2019, in HubHub, Prague, an evening was dedicated to the final pitches of the international acceleration programme for digital start-ups with impactful innovation. Mikołaj Gurdała as a representative of EIT Health InnoStars was one ...
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Healthcare innovations cannot happen without health literacy

Think Tank Roundtable took place at the University of Porto on 9 May 2019. The participants designed strategies to empower health literacy.
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Know-how transfer: from InnoStars to EIT Health RIS Hubs

Over the Spring of 2019, under the auspices of EIT Regional Innovation Scheme Programme, EIT Health InnoStars ran a series of dedicated training workshops focusing on local project development.
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RIS Hubs added in Slovenia, Estonia to help build innovation ecosystem in Europe

Tartu Biotechnoloogia Park in Estonia and Ljubljana University Incubator in Slovenia became the latest two organisations to join in EIT Health's network of Regional Innovation Scheme Hubs.
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RIS Hubs in Croatia, Czech Republic and Latvia join network

Three new EIT RIS hubs – in Croatia, Czech Republic and Latvia – joined the EIT Health network as of 1 December 2018 to work on strengthening local innovation ecosystems.
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Workshops and networking events organised by RIS Hubs

On 26 October, the EIT Health RIS Hub - Consorzio ARCA - organised the Linux Day on Life Science: Technology in the health sector. It was an event dedicated to companies and the theme was Open Source Health and Privacy. The event was organised as part ...
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Interview about U. Porto and RIS Hub

Incubators and accelerators play a decisive role in the development of start-ups. Their relationship with these companies is born out of their ability to transform scientific research into new innovative technologies, especially when combining academi ...
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University of Porto's technology will help improve spermatozoa quality

With the global fertility rate decreasing, there is a growing demand for fertility treatments. The University of Porto (part of the RIS Hub) has developed a new solution to this problem.
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The University of Porto’s spin-off wins the Lisbon Summit award

TonicApp, a spin-off from the University of Porto (part of the RIS Hub), won the first prize in the Lisbon Summit competition.
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The University of Porto meets UC Berkeley

As a result of the increasingly close relations between University of Porto (part of the RIS Hub) and UC Berkeley, U. of Porto Innovation hosted a “Leadership Week” between 8-14 July. This event included a visiting programme, workshops and classes rel ...
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A KTI workshop with Porto RIS Hub

On 20 July, our RIS Hub in Porto hosted a KTI workshop in Coimbra, bringing together healthcare representatives and stakeholders from both regions to discuss and debate several topics related to innovation in the sector.
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MUG Recruits nine start-ups for Accelerator programmes

The team of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) from MUG recruited nine start-ups for different InnoStars Accelerator Programmes – six for European Health Catapult, two for HeadStart Funding and one for the InnoStars Awards.
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