EIT Health E-lab Coordinator Paris (SU)
Sorbonne Université

Paris Elab (Start-up Kick Off)

The aim of Paris Elab is to foster entrepreneurship education among health and sciences students at Sorbonne and Naples University. In 2019, Paris Elab will focus its activities on an entrepreneurship programme addressing real life challenges, business development workshops and awareness events – in partnership with two incubators, Agoranov and ParisCo.

About this activity

The mission of the Paris Elab, also known as the Start-up Kick Off, is to incorporate an entrepreneurship culture into universities, and to foster exchanges between students and industry, by offering entrepreneurship education to health and sciences students. Using an E-learning platform created in partnership with EIT Digital, Paris Elab will be able to extend the training to a larger target group. Through a partnership with the ParisCo incubator, the project develops a semester-long training with real-life challenges for students while allowing exchanges with mentors, coaches and experts. Students will also have the opportunity to work in a creative space at the Agoranov incubator in Paris. In addition to the training provided onsite in Paris and online, Paris Elab plans to develop a joint programme with Naples University, which will offer training to help students and young professionals develop their own start-up projects.