Gerard Sou
Associate Pr.
Sorbonne Université


Master in Technological Innovation in Health

The Master in Technological innovation in Health (MTiH) programme offers a transdisciplinary approach to Biomedical Engineering. The course, which started in 2017 and achieved the prestigious EIT Label in 2018, uses a learning‐by‐doing curriculum to promote creativity, innovation, design thinking and a market mentality among students.

About this activity

A consortium of five universities partnered to create MTiH, which provides “active learning” methods and provides innovation and entrepreneurship expertise. Students work in multidisciplinary teams and learn to combine different technologies to solve real life health problems and to improve the quality of life of European citizens. They are mentored during their curriculum at their home university, complete mobility to a partner university and participate in non-academic activities throughout their studies. Innovation and entrepreneurship abilities will be strengthened through the ongoing collaboration with the nonacademic partners and by establishing new connections with the EIT Health Accelerator and Innovation pillars. This cooperation means MTiH students can participate in summer schools or bootcamps, where they develop skills in product creation and improvement. Graduates of the course can be employed in existing leading healthcare institutions or be equipped to create their own businesses.

EIT Health Partners in this Project