Intranepreneurship Lab (INTRALAB)

Entrepreneurs from among our industry partners might be key for internal innovation. Our EIT Health community, with its truly entrepreneurial mindset will provide the right tools for these 'intrapreneurs'.

Joy Cürten
Business Creation Manager
EIT Health

The EIT Health Intrapreneurship Initiative will be run with EIT Health LE and support. It's objectives are:

  • activating employees around issues that intrinsically motivate them while simultaneously unlocking skills and innovative minds;
  • supporting employees to navigate internal corporate processes and repurposing creative resources;
  • facilitating access to EIT Health or external networks via the Network of Incubators;
  • involving Accelerator/Campus through the mentoring network, start-up integration.

The EIT Health Intrapreneurship Initiative will involve three-to-six EIT Health Partners and assist  in employee-based intrapreneurial ventures. The program will occur in partnership with a subcontracted service provider that brings experience, and capitalizes on the unique EIT Health structure (involving our start-ups and our campus programmes).

The programme will follow this basic approach:

  • A focus on empowering ventures springing from new ideas in a company that may not otherwise be supported. A shortlisted selection of approximately 10 ventures per company would be selected to participate in workshops for six-to-eight weeks. In the second stage, a smaller group of those selected above would be consulted by the subcontracted partner periodically, over six months.
  • Start-ups in the accelerator dealflow will be utilised within the workshops mentioned above, increasing cross fertilisation. 
  • The programme will focus on mentorship, with the EITH  Mentoring Network. It will bridge all pillars. Allowing specialists in corporations to be consulted for innovation projects.

Target Group

The first target group will be the chosen ventures of the thre-to-five industry partners in the consortium: Participation will encourage development of ventures, the structure championed by corporations themselves and supported by EIT Health.

The second target group will be start-ups in EIT Health deal-flow, to participate in some workshops.

The third target group will be individuals. Corporations bring forward experts to mentor EIT Health innovation projects. Accelerator/Campus participants will also be placed in corporations for mentoring/reverse mentoring.