Mary-Ann O'Donovan
Assistant Professor In Intellectual Disability And Inclusion
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin


Innovative summer school: Making physical education inclusive and open to all

The InPhysEd summer school aims to empower participants to develop and pitch solutions for the challenge of including students with intellectual disability (ID) in physical education classes. Inclusive learning is critical to promoting healthier living among all members of society throughout the course of their lives. This project will help develop inclusive learning through cooperation of teacher trainees, sports, health and science students, and people with ID – all of whom will work together to co-design solutions. 

About this activity

In this innovative summer school, people with ID will participate as experts in their own well-being and their experiences of exclusion and inclusion, and they will be central to the design of solutions for including students with ID in phys ed. These experts will include People with ID as Physical Activity Leaders (PPALs), who have graduated from the EIT health Campus PPALs programme and will run training sessions on physical activity. In addition, students with ID from the TCD School of Education Certificate in Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice (ASIAP), who develop individual business plans as part of their coursework, will be invited to lead supported entrepreneurial skill and business plan clinics, drawing on their knowledge and experience of the process. They will work in tandem with students from the TCD Launchbox entrepreneurial hub.

By working with these participants, students of sports, health science and associated disciplines, and trainee student teachers in physical education, will develop skills in critically and creatively assessing problems that exist within the delivery of physical education at all school levels. They will also develop competencies in the areas of designing and pitching solutions using an entrepreneurial mindset.

EIT Health Partners in this project