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Go outside the lab: Interview with Oxipit, InnoStars Awards 2018 Winner

EIT Health InnoStars presents a new episode of a series of talks with inspiring people in our community who develop innovative ideas. We ask about their journeys, while developing ideas, their professional career paths and motivations. Read More »

New series of interviews with healthcare innovators

EIT Health InnoStars launched a new series of talks on the InnoStarter platform. Read More »




30 June 2019

Alumni can apply for limited number of free tickets to Tech Open Air Berlin

Are you ready for a four-day festival combining art and science in vibrant Berlin? EIT Health Alumni Network has partnered with Tech Open Air Berlin, and now we have free tickets for you! Along with a limited number of free tickets, we have negotiate ...

01 July 2019

Apply now: Prestigious 2019 Summer Schools target healthcare leaders of the future

  EIT Health has opened registrations for its Summer School Programmes, which are available to students and young professionals across Europe with the aim of implanting innovation into their knowledge base and skillset. The EIT Health Summer Sch ...

01 September 2019

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Health Innovation: Participate in Module 3

Registration is now open for the third module of WE Health (Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Health Innovation), which is free of charge and runs 16-18 September 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. WE Health is an EIT Health Campus Project that aims at ...

31 July 2019

H-impact: Tackle real-life health challenges while developing innovation skills

Do you want to make a difference and create an impact in healthcare? The H-impact programme gives participants the chance to develop specific skills, gather necessary knowledge and work on their personal development/mindset to make an impact on real- ...

05 July 2019

Join the euVENTION EIT Health Alumni Night in Heidelberg

All EIT Health Alumni are invited by the EIT Health Network to join the celebration and share in networking possibilities at the euVENTION EIT Health Alumni Night in Heidelberg. Date: July 23, 2019 Location: Marsilius Arkaden of Heidelberg Universit ...


EIT Health InnoStars brings together 21 Core and Associate Partners from the more progressive regions within European countries where the overall pace of innovation is still moderate. We promote healthcare innovation with competitions, education, support to start-ups, conferences and many other activities.

Headquartered in Budapest, EIT Health InnoStars spans several geographic regions in  Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal. As EIT Health’s implementer of the Regional Innovation Scheme of the EIT, InnoStars is able to extend its impact beyond these principal regions, to reach an even broader range of European citizens.


The four Core and 17 Associate Partners of EIT Health InnoStars benefit from EIT Health’s unique ability to facilitate collaboration between best-in-class regional health innovators, including universities, global healthcare companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, academic/research institutes and business creation experts. Strengths of this partnership include:

  • Access to the largest geriatrics medical centres in Portugal and Central Europe.
  • Strong industrial partners in the ICT, medtech and biopharma fields.
  • Four reference sites of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA).
  • A science-based incubator in Coimbra, Portugal, with a special focus on tech-transfer and creation of spin-offs.

Support to start-ups, training and events

Successful EIT Health-supported activities with lead partners in InnoStars regions include start-ups like Heartgenetics, which transforms genetic data into actionable knowledge for healthcare professionals; SyNoesis Therapeutics, a start-up developing a cure for Parkinson’s Disease; SensDX, which develops diagnostic testing technologies that allow users to accurately identify specific diseases at home; and Smart Ageing Camp Bootcamp, a programme for those who would like to introduce products or services that are dedicated to the elderly.

EIT Health InnoStars organises top-tier events for the EIT Health Community, such as the EIT Health Summit 2018 in Lodz, Poland, Matchmaking 2018 in Campania and the Joint Grand Final 2018 in Budapest.

InnoStars flagship programmes

  • The InnoStars Awards, a funding competition for early-stage healthcare EU start-ups with prototype or minimum viable product ready to be launched on the market. 
  • StarShip, an InnoStars Innovation Fellowship Programme targeting PhD students from InnoStars regions. The StarShip programme provides the next generation of leaders in health innovation hands-on experience using the Stanford Biodesign Methodology. 
  • The Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), a programme designed to close the gap between regions that are leaders in healthcare innovation and areas that are moderate innovators. 

Regional strengths

The InnoStars covers The widest region within EIT Health network, consisting of 14 countries. This area includes the highest concentration of funding for European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) for innovation, with €20 billion available up to 2023.

EIT Health InnoStars News

Innostars prepared the recommendations on the development of the Medical University of Łódź

A new excellence strategy of the EIT Health Core Partner will direct and divert the course of the university’s future in the field of research and development for the ...
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EIT Health InnoStars celebrates European Day in Budapest

EIT and EIT Health InnoStars joined a national celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Hungary becoming a member state of the European Union.
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EIT Health InnoStars at #DEMODAY

On Thursday, May 9. 2019, in HubHub, Prague, an evening was dedicated to the final pitches of the international acceleration programme for digital start-ups with impactful innovation. Mikołaj Gurdała as a representative of EIT Health InnoStars was one ...
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Healthcare innovations cannot happen without health literacy

Think Tank Roundtable took place at the University of Porto on 9 May 2019. The participants designed strategies to empower health literacy.
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InnoStars just launched its Morning Health Talks

The first event took place on 27. May and was focused on R&D for health needs, with participation of Dr. Attila Végh and Balazs Furjes.
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Know-how transfer: from InnoStars to EIT Health RIS Hubs

Over the Spring of 2019, under the auspices of EIT Regional Innovation Scheme Programme, EIT Health InnoStars ran a series of dedicated training workshops focusing on local project development.
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'Commercialization of science is possible thanks to partnerships like EIT Health' – Prof. Lucyna Woźniak

EIT Health InnoStars and its Core Partner contributed to the national discussion about commercialization of life sc ...
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Accelerating innovative ideas with EIT Jumpstarter in Budapest

The EIT Jumpstarter Budapest bootcamp was the second event of the six Bootcamps organized in Central-Eastern- and Southern-Europe (EIT’s RIS region) by EIT Health, EIT Food and EIT RawMaterials jointly. Bright minds from nine countries and three thema ...
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EIT Health InnoStars @InnoPécs 2019

InnoPécs Conference 2019, the annual start-up event in Pécs, Hungary, took place on 24 April 2019 at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs, one of the EIT Health RIS Hubs.
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Health for All 2019: Conference held at EIT Health RIS Hub in Lithuania

Health for All: Science and Innovation Week 2019 took place from 8-12 April 2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania, EIT Health RIS Hub. This was the first edition of the international conference organised by the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, EIT He ...
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Go outside the lab: Interview with Oxipit, InnoStars Awards 2018 Winner

EIT Health InnoStars presents a new episode of a series of talks with inspiring people in our community who develop innovative ideas. We ask about their journeys, while developing ideas, their professional career paths and motivations.
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Mikołaj Gurdała of EIT Health InnoStars discusses tech and medicine with

If Polish physicians or medical students want to keep pace with changes, they have to educate themselves now, Mikołaj Gurdała, Innovation Manager & Regional Manager North-Eastern-Europe, ...
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Jumpstarter, EIT Health Cross-KIC initiative, wins European Association Award

Jumpstarter, a competition and training programme for start-ups run cooperatively by EIT Health, EIT RawMaterials and EIT Food, won the Best Association Training Initiative category in the European Association Awards, prese ...
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Are you willing to try microgravity in healthcare?

The EIT Health Community has now been introduced to the new opportunities provided with microgravity in the health industry. Microgravity helps in analysing proteins and large molecules, advancing nanofluidics and improved drug delivery systems, among ...
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EIT Health InnoStars partners in SAPHIRe consortium on personalised medicine

As an official partner of SAPHIRe consortium, EIT Health InnoStars joined an interactive workshop on the future of personalised medicine on 12-13 March. The two-day interactive workshop took place at the Royal Flemish Academy o ...
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EIT Health Roadshow across RIS Hubs

For the last 6 weeks we have covered over 12 000 kilometres to reach local communities with EIT Health accelerator programmes. We participated in more than 15 events and met hundreds of young innovators. EIT Health RIS Hubs have also hosted a series o ...
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EIT Health Partner wins prestigious competition

The Medical University of Łódź, a Core Partner of EIT Health, has won the prestigious TEAM-NET competition with its project, titled, “We will cure neutropenia (FIXNET)”.
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Healthcare in 2022: discussion at the eHealth Summit

eHealth Summit and the site event "StartUP Village" took place between 18 and 22 of March in Lisbon, Portugal.
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New series of interviews with healthcare innovators

EIT Health InnoStars launched a new series of talks on the InnoStarter platform.
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Henk de Jong, Royal Philips: Take Your First Step into Digital Transformation Now

Deep Trends that are Transforming the Future of Health Technology were shared during an exclusive debate organised on 4 March 2019 by Medical University of Łódź, Core Partner of EIT Health, in participation ...
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