Cristina Andres-Lacueva
Associate Professor
University of Barcelona


Innovating the Joy of Eating for Healthy Ageing

INJOY is a summer school for individuals interested in helping Europeans improve eating behaviours to support healthy ageing. The course uses scientific sessions, food-innovation workshops, theoretical and practical business sessions, health-based company visits, and lectures from influencers. Students will learn to identify a business idea, assess the opportunity and develop a sustainable business model to promote healthy living.

About this activity

As life expectancy increases, society needs to find ways to disrupt traditional public health paradigms and instead develop novel solutions that encourage improved functional capacity and better nutritional status throughout an individual’s lifespan. The INJOY training shows participants how to support healthy ageing, vitality and longevity by incorporating the joy of eating and therapeutic nutrition as preventative care at home. INJOY empowers entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators with the skills, attitudes and knowledge to develop products and services that foster positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. Students pair this entrepreneurship training with a foundation of nutrition science. They explore the relationship between food and healthy ageing, developing an understanding of intrinsic capacity, frailty, food texture modification, healthy dietary patterns, food innovation, culture, and the joy of eating. INJOY participants not only acquire knowledge of foods and behaviours that support healthy ageing, they also cultivate the skills to develop novel health applications and citizen-centric approaches in modifying behaviour.

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