How to become an EIT Health partner

Applications for partnership

New Core and Associate partners are selected by the regional boards (CLC and InnoStars Supervisory Boards) and are then proposed to the EIT Health Management Board (MB) for first level approval. Final approval is granted by the EIT Health Supervisory Board (SB). 

For Network Partners, a simplified process is applied. Network Partners are approved at the level of the CLC/lnnoStars, and the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are informed.

If you are interested in becoming an EIT Health Member, please contact the Regional Office (CLC or InnoStars) corresponding to your geography.

Different Partner Types of EIT Health

There are three types of EIT Health Members. The Core and Associate Partners are selected based on criteria that support the notion of bringing the best entrepreneurial talents, showcasing true design and development of viable products and services. They pay annual fees and are voting members of the association at the Partner Assemblies. The third type of partner, External Partners, colloaborate with Core and Associate Partners on EIT Health activities.

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