Contacts and help with applying for Accelerator activities

Kurt E. Hoeller
Director Of Business Creation
EIT Health

Joy Cürten
Business Creation Manager
EIT Health

Salvatore Demelas
Project Manager
EIT Health

The Accelerator is open to applications from all entrepreneurs, start-ups, scaleups and SMEs in Europe. If you have not already done so, please check our catalogue for details about Accelerator activities and how to apply. 

You can apply through our Application Interface here.

To support you on your business creation journey, a strong international team is ready to assist you in finding the right programme. If you have no previous connection to any EIT Health partners or our regional Co-Location Centres (CLCs), introduce yourself: a list of partners can be found here, or you can contact the following Business Creation Managers at the CLCs:

Germany and Switzerland: Matteo Consonni,

France: Anais Delicourt,

Belgium and The Netherlands: Bart Haex,

UK and Ireland: Rosemary Gallagher,

Scandinavia: Christos Vaitsis,

Spain: Irene Sanchez,

Innostars Regions: Nuno Viegas, (Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Wales)

Regional applications are accepted from across Europe

Entrepreneurs are typically distributed across our seven regional offices in the following manner:

  • Germany / Switzerland (also recommended for Austrian companies);
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Belgium/Netherlands (also recommended for Israeli companies);
  • UK-Ireland (also recommended for Welsh companies);
  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Estonia);
  • EIT Health InnoStars include: Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Portugal. Further countries might be included in the near future. They will also accept countries from the RIS-Region which currently include: Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania. Each year more countries are added. 

Some applications may encourage reference letters from EIT Health partners or regional CLCs as supplements to support the application. We ask for all entrepreneurs and teams to commit to participating fully in any EIT Health programme.

The EIT Health Headquarters staff is also available to support you through your journey through the EIT Health Accelerator. Questions about the overall strategic, procedural, evaluation, technical and granting inquiries can be directed to the EIT Health Accelerator headquarters staff, whose contact details are listed at left.