Governance Structure and Boards of EIT Health


Partner Assembly

EIT Health’s strength comes from its partners, which is why the Partner Assembly is the highest decision-making body in EIT Health. The Partner Assembly is composed of Core Partners and Associate Partners (who have no voting rights). Its members pay fees to EIT Health.


Supervisory Board

The Partner Assembly chooses the Supervisory Board, which consists of two representatives for each Co-Location Centre (CLC), one representing the CLC’s industry members and one representing its non-industry members.


Management Board

The day-to-day operations of EIT Health are handled by a Management Board. The Supervisory Board appoints the Management Board and the chair of the Management Board, who becomes the CEO of EIT Health.


Advisory panels

In addition to these boards, there are two advisory panels, the Intellectual Property (IP) Board and the Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues (ELSI) Board. Members of both these bodies are appointed by the Management Board.

The ELSI Board advises the Management Board on questions of ethical, legal and social issues at the KIC level of EIT Health. Ethical and legal issues in specific projects are the responsibility of the project participants, each partner being responsible for ensuring full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To ensure this, partners are required to complete a specific form for review by the ELSI Board when submitting innovation project proposals.

IP Board has the task of advising the Management Board and the Supervisory Board in all matters with respect to intellectual property (IP), including the IP Policy, while also acting as a liaison in all IP-related matters. The board offers support to project participants in negotiating access to necessary background IP, knowledge and data in order to fulfil their tasks in the selected KIC Added Value Activities (KAVA). The IP board also offers advice to partners wishing to deviate from EIT Health’s IP policy and, upon request, acts as a mediator to resolve disputes between partners in projects regarding IP conflicts.


Regions: Co-Location Centers

EIT Health has a network of Co-Location Centres (CLCs), which act as local headquarters in various cities around Europe and help to ensure local partner engagement. Read more about them in our section on regions.