Daniel Mogefors
Fellowship Network Activity Line Coordinator

EIT Health Fellowships Network

The EIT Health Fellowships Network is a comprehensive health innovation activity that presents a unique learning experience for participants through three different programmes. Each programme results in teams identifying a need, proposing a solution and presenting a validated business case for that solution. The network bridges gaps between industry, academia and the public sector, granting learners access to leading institutions and a diverse group of peers.

About this activity

The three programmes of the EIT Health Fellowship Network cater to a specific type of learner at different points in their career:

  • Innovation Fellowships: Intensive programmes, including clinical immersion, for transdisciplinary teams of experts developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial solutions.
  • StarShip: Students and professionals develop business plans based on challenges provided by members of the healthcare industry.
  • PhD Transition Fellowships: A competition that enables PhD students to evaluate the market need behind their research idea.

The Fellowship Network’s main goals are to:

  • Educate Europe’s top talents in leading the development of the next generation of health innovations.
  • Produce entrepreneurial ventures and intrapreneurial projects that have an impact on healthcare systems and patients’ lives.
  • Connect learners, and academic and non-academic partners, in order to build a stronger innovation ecosystem in Europe.

All the Fellowship Network programmes take the approach of teaching needs-led innovation methodology in a multidisciplinary team setting, with exposure to real health care environments and patient needs.

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