EU Health Market Access for Partners

European fragmentation with regards to regulation and reimbursement of health services and products is one of the biggest limiting factors for ambitious start-ups. By providing tailored knowledge and expertise, EIT Health will help its entrepreneurs to overcome this major barrier.

Tracey Marriott
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

European Market Access for Partners (eMAPS) will contribute to the adoption and diffusion of innovation into healthcare systems by providing expertise and a clear understanding of how, when and who to engage in the innovation process. The activity will also provide specific knowledge about finance and reimbursement schemes in 14 European countries.

Is it for me?

This programme supports healthcare professionals and health entrepreneurs as well as SMEs. Start-ups can register their interest starting in February 2018.

The programme

Adoption and diffusion of innovation is key for improving healthcare across the EU. The eMAPS programme will contribute to adoption and diffusion by providing key insights for SMEs and entrepreneurs when planning a successful launch within the health market of various coutnries, as there are specific differences of approach that need to be considered.

The project will also support an update to the 2007 "Healthcare in Europe" finance and reimbursement report, providing up-to-date information on 11 EU country healthcare systems, to further support SMEs and innovators to navigate the health financing and reimbursement landscape.

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