EIT Health Think Tank

The EIT Health Think Tank is a forum for experts and thought leaders working in collaboration to shape the future of healthcare in Europe by identifying the barriers and opportunities that will either aid or impede the widespread adoption and uptake of healthcare innovation. These discussions take place both on a pan-EU and regional basis, in the format of a series of working groups and roundtable meetings.

How the Think Tank works

The Think Tank Steering Committee proposes topics high on the European health agenda, to be discussed in annual cycles. These discussions with Partners and other stakeholders take place in pan-European Working Groups, and the results are then built upon and shaped for the local context in regional Roundtables around Europe. Hosted by EIT Health co-location centres, the regional Roundtables allow for discussions that focus on specific local needs while also giving visibility to successful solutions that could be replicated at a European level.

Outcomes and how we use them

Conclusions and recommendations stemming from Think Tank discussions are used to ensure that EIT Health's strategy and activities focus on what matters most. The Think Tank also guides EIT Health Public Affairs efforts aimed at contributing to health policy and healthcare system improvements across Europe.

Think Tank Topics:

2019 TOPIC: Optimising Innovation Pathways: Future Proofing for Success

In 2019, the EIT Health Think Tank will tackle the topic of identifying how barriers could be removed to smooth the innovation pathway, with the ultimate goal of allowing impactful innovations to reach patients earlier. [Read More]

2018 TOPIC: The Use of Existing Big Data to Improve Healthcare

The advantages of Big Data analyses go beyond simply improving profit margins and reducing resource wastage: they will also be valuable in predicting epidemics, improving quality of life, providing better outcomes, and avoiding preventable deaths, particularly from chronic diseases. [Read More]