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July 2019 | EIT Health Scandinavia


It has been a pleasure to work with you the past four months since I joined EIT Health in March. There is a tremendous amount of activities going on and I am impressed by all the energy that everyday is laid down by all Partners in Scandinavia! This is promising for the future – EIT Health has rapidly developed into a true pan-European network and probably the largest organized life science collaboration network in Europe and one of the largest globally.

But we also have some challenges. One is to further integrate EIT Health into the life science and innovation ecosystems in Denmark, Sweden and Estonia, and we have accelerated that work. Most particularly, we have activated our network to create more synergies within the existing Scandinavian innovation ecosystem.

We have strong innovation stakeholders in Scandinavia, and identifying joint interests and collaboration opportunities, in order to increase the opportunities for the Partner community, is an important line of activity that we should pursue in the coming period. We will be pleased to keep you updated on this very important question, and to be able to present more opportunities for the Partnership in the coming year.

Another challenge is to learn from the delivery of the last Business Plan in order to continuously improve the processes. This should be finalised once again before this autumn, when next Business Plan is launched.

At last, I would like to express how delighted I am to be on board and work together with the CLC, the whole Scandinavian Partnership and the European EIT Health to further develop Europe’s largest organized life science and health collaboration.
I wish you all a great summer!

Warm regards,
Erik Forsberg
Managing Director, EIT Health Scandinavia


  • Approved and funded Scandinavian proposals
  • Overview - Scandinavian proposals to hearings
  • Hearings preparations and professional pitch trainings
  • Timeline for Business Plan 2021
  • Thirteen start-ups granted Headstart funding
  • Six Scandinavian start-ups selected for European Catapult start-up competition semifinals 
  • 23 incubators help start-ups to international expansion
  • EIT Health in Almedalen Political Week
  • Congratulations, Run4Health, TubusOne, Pilloxa and ICellate!
  • Biobanks & Registers – goldmines for innovation and research 
  • Current mid-term reviews
  • Biobanks and Registers – Your Springboard to Innovation – matchmaking conference 21 October
  • Wild Card programme
  • Cross-KIC call Food4Health
  • Scandinavian Education Committee met at Testa Center, Uppsala
  • New offices in Uppsala and Lund 
  • EIT Health Campus strategy days in Tallinn
  • Estonian SelfDiagnostics selected for MedTech Strategist Forum for investors 
  • Trine Winterø new Deputy Chairman of the Board
  • New Managing Director Erik Forsberg
  • Matts Olofsson new Member of Scandinavian Education Board
  • New Communications & PA Lead Marianne Ekdahl
  • Welcome to join the monthly Partner Telephone Conferences
  • HQ financial workshop
  • Where can I find documents, information for proposal-writing and reporting?

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Approved and funded Scandinavian proposals

The Business Plan 2020 saw a total of 275 submitted proposals, after eligibility checks. We are pleased to see a high degree of Scandinavian participation: Scandinavian Partners participated in a total of 59 Innovation pillar proposals, i.e 37 %, and In Campus, Scandinavian Partners participated in 40% of the total proposals. Out of these, Scandinavian Partners are leading in 32 % of the Innovation proposals, and in 31% of the Campus proposals. Within the Innovation pillar, we are proud to notice that the number of Scandinavian-lead proposals increased by 137% since BP 2019!
Scandinavia also ranks high in the number of proposals invited to hearings. Out of the submitted Innovation proposals, 36% are invited to hearings, which is the second highest figure out of all CLC’s. Scandinavia also had the highest number of Campus proposals not invited to hearings (due to limited budgets), but that are re-considered in final ranking – a total of eight proposals!
Within Accelerator, 27 proposals in total were submitted by all EIT Health Partners, of which 16 are proposals for Bootcamp programmes. Our Scandinavian Partners and Linked Third Parties (LTP) have a very strong participation in these proposals with a total participation (lead and co-partner) of Scandinavian Partners and LTPs in 8 proposals (out of 27). From these 8 proposals, 5 were invited to hearings. We tip our hat for this amazing involvement!

On 12 July, the activity leads were notified which proposals have been approved for funding. The project names and activity leaders for the approved Scandinavian-lead projects are listed below. Important to notice, however, is that the list will not be finalised until approval of the BP 2020 by the Partners’ Assembly on 12 September, and of the 2020 budget by the EIT in the end of the year. Scandinavian Partners are also active Co-Partners in a large number of other projects lead by other CLC’s, and we will get back with more details about these in upcoming newsletters. 

Approved projects lead by a Scandinavian Partner (depending on approval by PA and by EIT)

➢  SOFTBONE (20519). Soft bone cement for better treatment of osteoporotic fractures. Innovation project.
Lead: Cecilia Persson,
 Uppsala Universitet.
➢  IHC Label (20557). MSc Innovation in Health Care - EIT Health Integrated Master Programme. Master Programme. 
Lead: Pedro Oliveira, CBS.
➢  SHAPE I&E (20356). Digital Transformation to Shape I&E for Future Wellness. Training for Students. Master Programme.
Lead: Peta Sjölander, KTH.
➢  BEHealSy (20336). PhD Programme in Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems. Applying for label.
Lead: Dmitry Grishenkov, KTH. 
➢  UpMe (20445). Understanding Patient Perspectives on Medicines Use for Better Healthcare. Short Courses for Health Professionals proposals.
Lead: Ramunde Jakobsen, University of Copenhagen.
➢  IMPRODISE (20520). Improving Diversity Sensitivity in Health Care - Training for Health Professionals. Short Courses for Health Professionals proposals.
Lead: Janne Sørensen, University of Copenhagen.
➢  H2B Campus (20577). Health2B Campus. Short Courses for Health Professionals proposals.
 Lead: Thomas Unt, Smile Incubator (linked to Region Skåne).
➢  HealthCareManagement (20570). Fostering Management and Innovation Skills for Health Professionals. Short Courses for Health Professionals proposals.
Lead: James Sallis, Uppsala University.
➢  iGame (20616). Innovation Game - A Summer School Applying Serious Game Design on Health Care and Learning. Summer Schools.
Lead: Erik Olsson, Uppsala University.
➢ Patient Innovation Bootcamp: Boosting Patient Entrepreneurship. (20405).
Lead: Pedro Oliveira, CBS.

Approved projects with Scandinavian Co-Partners (depending on approval by PA and EIT):

  • The project leads will inform their Scandinavian project partners. We will also communicate these further approved projects in the next Newsletter.

Overview: Scandinavian proposals to hearings


Proposals submitted

EIT Health: 160
Scandinavia: 19 as lead, 40 in applications lead by other CLCs
EIT Health: 47
Scandinavia: 7 as lead
Campus EIT Health: 88
Scandinavia: 11 as lead, 24 as partners

EIT Health: 41 to hearings, and 33 not needing hearings (due to limited budget)
In total 9 Scandinavian-lead proposals, whereof 1 called to hearings

EIT Health: 27
Scandinavia: 8 (3 as lead, 5 as partners)
EIT Health: 21
Scandinavia: 5 (1 as lead, 4 as partners)
EIT Health: 275
33 Scandinavian-lead
EIT Health: 142
17 Scandinavian-lead

Hearings preparations and professional pitch trainings

The Scandinavian CLC organised professional pitch training sessions for all project teams invited to the hearings. The pitch trainings were performed by Dr Mary-Rose Hoja, a native English-speaking pitching coach, based in Stockholm, and they were held both in Copenhagen and in Stockholm.
The pitch trainings were very appreciated, and the overall impression, after the hearings, is also that the training and preparations had a positive effect in terms of clearer presentations and fewer clarifying questions from the evaluators than last year.

After this year’s hearings, the Scandinavian CLC will further evaluate the hearings process, including identifying lessons learned, in order to make sure that next year’s hearing process will be continuously improved. There is a very ambitious learning session centrally within EIT Health in order to continuously improve the process. The Scandinavian CLC is contributing to this work by giving feedback and suggesting improvements.

Timeline for Business Plan 2021

The BP 2021 call will open on 1 October. This year, there will not be ideation workshops, but instead matchmakings will be organised three times during the period from autumn to winter.

Please have a look on the graph below to find dates and venues. It is recommended that Partners will send different representatives to the different matchmaking events.

The deadline for pre-proposals is on 11 December and for full proposal on 25 March.

Six Scandinavian start-ups selected for European Catapult Start-up Competition semifinals

The six best Scandinavian biotech, medtech and digital health start-ups have been selected by EIT Health Scandinavia for the EIT Health European Health Catapult semifinals. They will nowcompete with 36 other start-ups from other European regions for a place at the finals at the EIT Health Summit in Paris in December.
The range of selected start-ups feature an impressive range of innovative solutions, for challenges ranging from cancer and chronic diseases to medical imaging and precision diagnosis.

Read the full article

Scandinavian CEO Susanne Bredenberg of Emplicure presented at the Scandinavian Pitch Competition.

Thirteen start-ups granted EIT Health Scandinavia Headstart funding 

Thirteen start-ups have been appointed as winners of the 2019 EIT Health Scandinavia Headstart awards. Chosen from around 40 applicants, the winners come from all over Scandinavia and will receive funding that helps them take steps towards market launch and commercialisation.

The selected start-ups represent solutions in biotech, medtech and digital health. Their innovations address a range of challenges, such as cancer diagnostics, multiparametric tests, surgical equipment, medical technologies related to Alzheimer’s, cancer treatment software, dental implants, machine intelligence systems, rehabilitation and stroke detection.

Read more about the funded start-ups.
Photos above: Connecting innovators and incubators: 23 incubators were present during the Bridgehead matchmaking event in Stockholm to help a number of especially selected start-ups.

23 European Incubators help European start-ups to international expansion


Imagine you are a small start-up, and you get the chance to meet 23 European incubators and R&D clusters who want to support your company’s international expansion! That was the envious situation of the start-up CEOs participating in the final match-making meeting of the Bridgehead programme, held in Stockholm at Karolinska Institute campus on 18-19 June. 

Read more

EIT Health in the Almedalen Political Week 

EIT Health contributes to valuable triple helix collaboration opportunities within Scandinavian life science, and also contributes with international links to the innovation eco-systems in 14 other European countries. 

But the synergies with the national life science innovation systems in Denmark, Sweeden and Estonia need to be strengthened, and ways to further connect EIT Health with the life science and innovation ecosystems in the three Member Countries should therefore be sought. 

As part of this ambition, EIT Health Scandinavia together with the Partner Uppsala university, invited policy-makers, politicians, business leaders, journalists and leading scientists to a seminar – "New technology, new forms of collaboration and internationalisation – new game pitch for Swedish life science” – during the Swedish Almedalen Political Week. 

We were proud to welcome the Swedish Government’s National Life Science Coordinator Jenni Nordborg, along with leading representatives from the life science triple helix system: Anna Sandström, Science Policy & Relations Director Europe, AstraZeneca, Mats Larhed, Dep. Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University, Louise Eklund, Dep. Governor, Skåne Regional Council, and President of Innovation Skåne, along with the Scandinavian Director Erik Forsberg. 

The seminar turned into a constructive discussion about how we can build better public-private innovation collaborations in a the changing life science ecosystem, and solve the challenges currently met by such collaborations, and how we in Scandinavia can make the most of growing internationalisation.

The discussion was held against the background of the Swedish Government’s recently announced outline for a national life science-strategy, presented by Jenni Nordborg. 

For more information, please contact Public Affairs Lead Marianne Ekdahl at 

Read more (in Swedish): 

EIT Health i Almedalen: Ny teknik, nya samarbetsformer och internationalisering - ny spelplan för svensk life science

In the photos above: Louise Eklund, Anna Sandström, Jenni Nordborg, Erik Forsberg, Mats Larhed, and the moderator, science journalist Lisa Kirsebom.
Photos: Sören Andersson.

Listen to the seminar: "New technology, new forms of collaboration and internationalisation – new game pitch for Swedish life science” – presented during the Swedish Almedalen Political Week.
Watch the video about Run4Health.

Congratulations, Run4Health, TubusOne, Pilloxa and ICellate!

Among the supported activities and start-ups selected as official “Success Stories” by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) for their work in 2018 (more information here), we find one particularly appreciated Scandinavian Campus activity, and three Scandinavian startups. Congratulations to you all!

•    Run4Health (Campus project, Sweden and Denmark): This training programme unites cross-disciplinary groups of students, researchers and business collaborators to create a citizen outreach programme around healthy living that fosters a dialogue with citizens to identify new challenges to improving health. In 2018, the programmed scaled up across Scandinavia. Organised by the Scandinavian Partners Uppsala university, Copenhagen university and Karolinska Institute. Project leader is Dr Margareta Krabbe, Uppsala university.

Read more:
“Big interest in the Run4Health initiative at the Culture Night in Copenhagen”
“Run4Health reaches out to Uppsala, Stockholm and Copenhagen”

•    TubusOne (start-up, Denmark): A Danish-designed low-tech communication device used for navigating on tablets and smartphones by people who are paralysed from the neck down and are therefore unable to use their arms and hands. 

•   Pilloxa (start-up, Sweden): Pilloxa is a medication-adherence platform, currently available in four hospitals across Sweden, to help people make sure they are taking all of their medication at the right time.

•    ICellate (start-up, Sweden): iCellate Medical offers services in liquid biopsy, to detect, isolate and analyse circulating tumour cells (CTCs), circulating tumour DNA and germ-line DNA, from normal blood samples. iCellate’s mission is to detect cancer early, when it can still be cured, and to guide individual therapies.

Biobanks & Registers: Goldmines for innovation and research

Biobanks and quality registers are valuable R&D tools. Access to qualitative sample and data collections can give unparalleled insights, paving the way for new medicines, treatments and medical products. Biobanks and registers are also very valuable for product development and validation, molecularly stratified clinical trials, and valuable sources for follow-up of current healthcare outcomes, for predicting impact of new products and services, including cost-benefit analysis.

Scandinavian and Estonian biobanks and registers are goldmines, but access can be perceived complicated. Through the “Biobanks and Registers in Transition” strategic initiative, EIT Health Scandinavia will support Partners through simplifying access to biobanks and registers, and help them leverage the Scandinavian and Estonian assets in biobanks and data registries. Among the deliverables, will be information packages providing an overview over access rules, and an information and matchmaking conference, supporting Partners in developing proposals for BP 2021

The Biobanks and Registers initiative, led by the Scandinavian EIT Health CLC team, has got a good start during the spring, focusing on three particular lines of action. As one of the major actions – data and information gathering – six biobanks/registers specialists and/or organizations have been engaged in the three countries to collect information and perform the initial analyses. Deliverables from the first phase of the work are currently assembled and will contain valuable insights into bottlenecks for businesses and SMEs when it comes to working together with public actors in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia to be able to utilize information from biobanks, sample collections and various types of registers. 

In parallell, EIT Health Scandinavia has initiated a structured dialogue both with Scandinavian Partners and with larger companies being EIT Health Partners and having offices in Scandinavia. In October, an information and matchmaking conference will be held, where Partners will be invited to find out how to improve projects and proposals through using existing sample collections and registers. In addition, a call for proposals to European SMEs in the form of a so-called Digital Sandbox will also be launched on 1 August, with deadline for proposals on 15 September. In this call, SMEs will receive support both in the form of relevant contacts to biobanks and with funding. The goal ofthe activities directed towards SMEs is primarily to increase awareness of the benefits of biobanks-based R&D. 

As the third line of action, communications and dissemination will be a key to reaping more of the benefits of Scandinavian and Estonian biobanks and registers. In particular, dedicated information packages will be created and made available on the web site.

For more information, please contact the project manager, Merike Leego, at Merike.Leego@eithealth.eu.

Current mid-term reviews

Currently, activity leaders and pillar managers are involved in the mid-term reviews. For Campus projects, these are scheduled before the deadline on 9th of August. In order to get the green light in the monitoring, it will be important to have the EIT/EU co-branding elements incorporated on the dedicated webpage for the activity as well as on other communications materials.

Biobanks & Registers - Your Springboard to Innovation

Save the date 21 October, Stockholm
At the conference Biobanks & Registers Conference –Your Springboard to Innovation, you will learn how to access sample collections and biobanks, get support in finding suitable quality registers, and network with others interested in developing joint proposals for Business Plan 2020 in targeted F2F matchmaking sessions. The conference, which will be held on 21 October in Stockholm, will bring together industry with representatives from biobanks, registers and sample collections who are open to collaborate. It is open for all EIT Health Partners, and a number of especially invited start-ups.
Registration will open 1 September. There will be reimbursement options for travel expenses. 

Save-the-date! And keep a look-out for the invitations with the full programme in August!

Large interest for cross-KIC call Food4Health projects

To facilitate collaboration between the two KIC:s EIT Health and EIT Food, and stimulate the development of new ideas and projects, a joint workshop for the Partners of the two KIC's was held on 15-16 May in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2019, two top-down cross-KIC innovation projects are launched: 
•    Consumer behavior and a healthy diet 
•    Food intake in clinically relevant situations. 

The Food4Health call raised a large interest, and a total of 11 proposals from Scandinavian Partners were submitted. 
Find out more

Nominate for the 2020 Wild Card competition!

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health today. The winner of last year's EIT Health Wild Card - Abtrace - develops a software tool enabling doctors to make better informed decisions when prescribing antibiotics, thus helping to reduce overuse and misuse, which ultimately contributes to the fight against AMR. The Wild Card programme provides extensive support for the best start-ups - over a two-year period, EIT Health will provide Abtrace with access to resources and support, exposure to leading experts in healthcare, housing in an incubator, and generous funding. See the film about Abtrace below!

Right now, the 2019 Wild Card programme has reached the grand final: the Wild Card Rehearsal + Visioneering took place on 16th of July and the Grand Final on 17 July. Six teams are competing for two years of support, including housing in an incubator and 2 million € in funding to develop their products. The 2019 Wild Card Challenges are: Mental and Brain Health and Digital Biomarkers.

Now it is time to prepare for the next funding period. All Partners are welcome to suggest challenges and topics for the next period.

Please send your suggestions to Merike.Leego@eithealth.eu before the end of July.
ABTRACE - WILD CARD WINNER FIGHTING AMR. See the film about the previous EIT Health Wild Card winner - Abtrace, and their augmented decision-making tool for reducing misuse of antibiotics.

Now Closer to Partners with Offices in Uppsala and Lund

With its main office in Stockholm, the Scandinavian CLC also needs to be represented at other locations in the Scandinavian community to be closer to the Partners and their activities. We now have a small office in Uppsala at the Uppsala Business Hub, close to the Partners Uppsala University, Region Uppsala and the City of Uppsala. With our new Comms & PA Lead Marianne Ekdahl, we can now also be found in Lund, where we are located at Innovation Skåne, the innovation company of the Partner Region Skåne.

You are most welcome to get in touch!
  • Innovation Skåne, Medicon Village, Scheeletorget 1, Lund
  • Uppsala Science Park, Hubben, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, Uppsala 


(In photo) From the left: Peta Sjölander, Assoc. Professor, KTH; Lena Alksten, Strategist in Elderly Care, City of Stockholm; Margareta Krabbe, Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University; Mats Nilsson, lecturer, KTH; Annika Szabo Portela, Education Manager, EIT Health Scandinavia; Dmitry Grishenkov, Assoc. Professor, KTH; Matts Olovsson, Specialist Physician and Professor, Uppsala University.


Scandinavian Education Committee met at Testa Center, Uppsala

The latest Scandinavian Education Committee meeting took place at Testa Center in Uppsala on 18th of June. Presentations included highlights from the bursting life science sector in the Uppsala-Stockholm Area, the development of individualized health care, as well as public and patient involvement in health care innovations.

Matts Olovsson gave a summary from the latest Strategic Education Board meeting that took place in Munich on the 11th of June. For those who could stay after the meeting, a round tour was offered in the facilities at Testa Center. The centre is a major initiative, esablished by the Swedish government and GE Healthcare, to provide a new national infrastructure for innovative bioprocessing technologies.

The next Scandinavian Education Committee meeting is scheduled for the 10th of September at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, in Campus Flemingsberg in the south of Stockholm. 


Estonian SelfDiagnostics selected for MedTech Strategist Forum for investors

The Estonian SME Self Diagnostics was one of two particularly promising European start-ups that EIT Health chose to invite to the Medtech Strategist Forum, which unites more than 450 leading key decision-makers and investors in Dublin, Ireland during 9-11 April 2019.
Read the full article.



Photo: The City Center of Tallin

EIT Health Campus strategy days in Tallinn


The Scandinavian CLC hosted the EIT Health Campus strategy days in Tallinn 3-5 April 2019.

Estonia was chosen as the destination to reinforce its destination on the EIT Health map, since Tartu University recently joined the Scandinavian CLC as Core Partner. Strategic directions were discussed with inspiration from Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO EIT Health, and Professor Andres Metspalu, Director of Estonian BioBank, from Tartu University, to give food for thoughts for the Strategic Education Board. Jan-Olov Höög, KI, represented Scandinavia at the Strategic Education Board, since the newly elected member Matts Olovsson from Uppsala University could not attend. Annika Szabo Portela attended as Education Manager representative. Scandinavia continues to be a strong player in shaping the future of innovative health education.

Trine Winterø new Deputy Chairman of the Board

At the Scandinavian Annual General Meeting, held on 15 May, all Board Members were re-elected. In addition, a new Deputy Chairman was elected – Trine Winterø, Vice-Dean for Innovation and External Relations, at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at Copenhagen University.

Trine Winterø has a PhD in molecular genetics, and she has had a long career within Danish the life science industry, including being the Director of the MedTech Innovation Centre in Aarhus.

As an experienced and well-known board member, she has held a long range of other positions within Danish and European life science and R&D, such as Board Member of the Danish Innovation Fund, Board Member of Science Ventures Denmark A/S, and Panel Member of the European Research Council.

Erik Forsberg New Scandinavian Managing Director of EIT Health

Erik Forsberg joined EIT Health Scandinavia as new Managing Director on 1 March. He joined the organisation from Uppsala BIO, the life science growth initiative.

“I am thrilled to join such a large and high-level European cooperation as EIT Health, and I very much look forward to leading the Scandinavian branch of EIT Health and working together with the European network in this exciting period of the organisation’s development. Companies, universities and the public sector working within life science and health in the forefront of knowledge are truly international actors”, says Erik Forsberg.

“We must also further cross the borders between research, education and business, in order to generate effective public private partnerships whose solutions are brought to e.g. healthcare providers and cities and in the end benefit all citizens. There is much we can do to enhance cross-border and cross-sector cooperation, to maximize the potential of innovative ideas. It is only by means of collaboration, that we can bring about better solutions to enable European citizens to living longer, healthier lives.”

Erik Forsberg joins EIT Health from Uppsala BIO, the regional growth initiative within life sciences, which he has lead for more than 10 years, and developed the organisation to become an integral part of the regional and national life science ecosystem. 

“Erik has developed Uppsala BIO’s operations and driven development of the life science ecosystem that have enabled the region’s life sciences to grow and develop. We’re delighted that he has decided to join EIT Health Scandinavia and lead the organisation through its next phase of development,” said Per Matsson, Chairman of the Board of EIT Health Scandinavia and CTO at Thermo Fischer Scientific.

Erik Forsberg is Assoc. Prof. in Medical Biochemistry, and has pursued a career within life science both within business and academia, as well as the last 10 years leading Uppsala BIO, a non-profit Foundation working for increased competitiveness and growth. Besides this, Erik Forsberg has the last years held several positions within the Swedish life science sector, and is currently Governing Board Member of the strategic innovation programme SWElife and Board member of the Swedish network for innovation & technology transfer support (SNITTS). He is now also member of the European Management Board of EIT Health, led from the headquarter in Germany.

Matts Olovsson new member of the Scandinavian Education Committee 

The new Deputy Dean for First- and Second-Cycle Education at the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University, Matts Olovsson, has been selected to represent EIT Health Scandinavia in the Strategic Education Board. Matts Olovsson is also a specialist physician at the National Endometriosis Centre in Uppsala.

In that role, he has been a driving force for the recognition of endometriosis in the health care system, and the establishment of national guidelines. Many thanks to Catharina Svensson for her great contribution in this role and warm welcome to Matts! 

Marianne Ekdahl new Communications & Public Affairs Lead

Marianne Ekdahl joined the CLC as Communications & Public Affairs Lead on 13 March. She is based in the new office in Lund in Southern Scandinavia, representing the CLC in the Öresund region/Southern Sweden region. The Scandinavian CLC is thus represented in four locations: Stockholm, Tartu, Uppsala and Lund.
Marianne has two BA’s, in political science and languages, respectively, and a degree in journalism. She has a long background within European and Scandinavian politics, public affairs, communications and journalism. She has been a leader writer on several daily newspaper editorial pages, policy advisor in the European Parliament in Brussels, and strategist in the Swedish-Danish Öresund/Greater Copenhagen political collaboration.

She also has substantial experience from European R&D collaborations, incl the European Spallation Source and the EIT Food campaign, where she was employed at the Partner Copenhagen university, and she is delighted to engage within the EIT community and the European R&D sphere again.

Partner Telephone Conferences - monthly updates

In order to support EIT Health Scandinavian Partners to be better informed of the most important calls and other developments, help them prepare good proposals, successfully run projects and provide a forum to ask questions which other Partners also might be interested in, we have started a series of Telephone Conferences.

These are held every last Wednesday in the month, at 14.00-15.30 CET.
The next Partner Telephone Conferences will take place on:

  • 24 September
  • 30 October

Call-in instructions for regular Partners’ Telephone Conferences:

Access Code: 148-320-333 
Denmark: +45 32 72 03 82
Sweden: +46 853 527 827
  • First GoToMeeting? Let's do a quick system check: https://link.gotomeeting.com/system-check  
  • The telephone conferences are recorded, and the recordings can be found in our Dropbox folder
  • If you would like to have a regular calendar invitation to be quickly notified of changes in the  agenda, please send a note to Merike.Leego@eithealth.eu  with “Calendar invitation for regular TCs” in subject line.

HQ Financial Workshop

EIT Health Scandinavia hosted on 25th of June the HQ training on project financials, incl. how to put together a good budget for new proposals, how to compile the financial reports for running projects, how the different audits look like, and what the process/business plan life cycle looks like.

The slides can be found here.

The next similar training will be held in September.

Where can I find documents, information for proposal-writing and reporting? 

In the EIT Health Scandinavia’s open Dropbox folder, Partners can find:
1) Recordings and PPT presentations from Partner telephone conferences
2) Training days – PPT presentations held
3) Materials for supporting Partners in writing proposals and do reporting.

Please find the folder here

Scandinavian Education Committee

10 September

Scandinavian Accelerator Group
30 September, DTU SkyLab, Copenhagen
Partner Telephone Conference
25 September

Biobanks & Registers: Your Springboard to Innovation
Scandinavian matchmaking conference
21 October, Stockholm.
Partner Telephone Conference
30 October


EIT Health Start-ups Meet Pharma Demo Day
26 July - Heidelberg, Germany

EIT Health e.V. Annual Partner Assembly
12 September - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Telemedicine Workshop, EIT Health Germany
24 September, Aachen, Germany

EIT Health Matchmaking event for Business Plan 2021: Barcelona
23 - 24 October - Barcelona, Spain

EIT Health Summit 2019
2 - 3 December, Paris, France

EIT Health Matchmaking event for Business Plan 2021: Paris
4 December - Paris, France

EIT Health Matchmaking event for Business Plan 2021: Berlin
04-6 February - Berlin, Germany

See all the Events on the website >
See all the Events on Connections >


Pre-proposals - deadline 11th of December 2019.
Full proposals - deadline 25th of March 2020.


EIT Health 2019 Summer Schools
Please find the registration here.
Summer school – Digital Health Companies for Chronic Diseases
The Summer School Digital Health Companions for Chronic Diseases – Health Companions – is open for applications until 12thof July. It will run in Munich (Germany) on the 9-20thof September. Register here
WE Health
The WE Health Module 3 -Empowering Women Leadership in Health Innovation - takes place at IESE Business School, Barcelona (Spain), the 16, 17 and 18 September 2019. The Application deadline is 1stof September. Learn more.

Call for Moderator of the Campus Degree Line Working Group on Healthy Living and Active Aging
Application Deadline: 1 September 2019


Digital Sandbox Programme – Biobanks and Quality Registers
EIT Health opens the Digitial Sandbox (DS) Programme 2019 for companies (startups and SMEs) requiring access and collaboration with Biobanks, Sample Holders and Quality Registers in Europe, for the further development and/or commercialisation of new technologies, products or services.
Online Submission available starting 01 August 2019.
The call will close 15 September.
For questions, please contact business creation manager Christos Vaitsis. at Christos.vaitsis@eithealth.eu 

Business Creation programmes
Four more Business Creation programmes are open throughout the whole year for applications:
  • Crowdfunding, more info here
  • Investor Network, more info here
  • Mentoring & Coaching Network, more info here
  • Living Labs & Test Beds, more info here
You are very welcome to disseminate the opportunities for start-ups in your respective start-up ecosystem.

Accelerator invites start-ups seeking investment to pitch in the Rising Star Sessions
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019  

Ambassadors in Healthcare Innovation targets healthcare professionals with new ideas
Application Deadline: 30 July 2019   

H-impact: Tackle real-life health challenges while developing innovation skills
Application Deadline: 31 July 2019  

Life science entrepreneurs build abilities in the Hard Skills programme
Application Deadline: 16 August 2019  

Over 50 with a good business idea? Silver Starters offers free entrepreneurship training
Application Deadline: 1 October 2019  

Start-up Kick Off Training: Make your own entrepreneurship journey
Application Deadline: 4 October 2019 

For earlier supported start-ups
EIT Health sponsored opportunities for start-ups who have previously been supported in the Accelerator programmes: What’s in it for startups? 2-day forum access with One-2-One partnering system access, 3-minute elevator presentation slot during the Rising Stars – Session and T&A coverage of up to €1k.

Regional Key Account Manager, Denmark
Community Communications Officer
Business Creation Project Coordinator (temp.)

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