Digital Sandbox

Christos Vaitsis
Business Creation Manager
EIT Health Scandinavian CLC

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21.10.2019 , 08:30 - 19:00 Stockholm, Sweden

Learn to take advantage of biobanks and quality registers for research purposes at this event, organised by the EIT Health Biobanks & Registers Strategic Initiative Innovation Project.

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The EIT Health Digital Sandbox Programme supports SMEs in developing relevant products and services by working with biobanks, sample holders and quality registers in Europe.

EIT Health sees unused potential for closer collaborations between SMEs and public sector biobanks, sample holders and registers, which store vast amounts of health data. Access to qualitative sample and data collections can give unparalleled insights, paving the way for new medicines, treatments and medical products. The data can be used to create digital solutions that reduce healthcare costs and lead to more efficient working procedures for prevention, prediction, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

The Digital Sandbox is designed to help realise this potential, with Accelerator activities that work in concert with the EIT Health Strategic Initiative Registries and Biobanks in Transition. The Digital Sandbox programme gives SMEs as much as €35 000 in funding to help them leverage the possibilities of the "health data business" by developing new products and services that take advantage of biobanks, sample holders and quality registers in Europe.

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