Dr.-Ing Dr. rer. medic.
Alexander Mertens
Head Of Department
RWTH Aachen University of Technology


Digital Health Entrepreneurs

Learners from various disciplines are supported in developing digital health solutions for older people in this course, which offers training in the challenges of home healthcare for the ageing and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Innovative approaches in this one-semester course, for students with degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to PhD, include instruction in design-thinking and interactive learning with an age-simulation suit.

About this activity

This course covers the two areas of entrepreneurship and home care for the ageing, with the goal of enabling multidisciplinary teams of participants to develop innovative digital solutions that address the needs of ageing people. Given that more than 20% of Europe’s population is above age 65, and that cohort is increasing, such solutions are both important to society and promising as an area of business. The focus of the course lies in teaching both hard and soft skills, with participants using methods like “lean start-up”, design thinking, user-centred design, and pitching to generate and validate ideas for solutions. Educational aids will include an age-simulation suit and state-of-the-art technology such as the MIT App Inventor and online learning via the edX platform. Participants are expected to have improved entrepreneurial spirit and greater sensitivity to the demographic change that poses a major challenge to European society.

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