The cooperation with enables EIT Health to provide a unique service that will attract lots of start-ups and clearly differentiate us against any other accelerator.
Jan-Philipp Beck, EIT Health CEO

Jörg Diehl
Head of Business Development

The EIT Health Crowdfunding platform is the first pan-European equity crowdfunding platform for European healthcare companies. By making it easy for anyone to learn about, and invest in, approved healthcare innovations, the platform builds bridges between European citizens, healthcare professionals and healthcare innovators.

Funding for start-ups, opportunities for others

The EIT Health Crowdfunding platform can provide promising start-ups and SMEs much-needed funding while allowing other Europeans the opportunity to invest in, and benefit from, the success of these companies. It will support promising start-ups using the classic crowdfunding formula: ventures raise financing from a large number of people, many of whom might invest a relatively small amount.

For retail and institutional investors, the platform gives access to best-in-class companies in the core health sectors biotechnology, medical technology and digital health. As prospectus-based security offerings, investment opportunities go through a thorough approval process. The platform will enable investors to participate in handpicked projects that have been reviewed by an independent investment committee. It provides the possibility to take advantage of early stage investments in healthcare, the largest economic sector of Europe that offers stable and sustained growth. The co-owner model is structured to enable retail investments alongside business angel and venture capital funding.


EIT Health has partnered with, a leader in healthcare crowdfunding in Europe, to ensure professional operation of the platform. Open to companies from across the EU, the initial funding focus will be on Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K.

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