Judit Perez Valero
Moebio Program Manager
Biocat, la Fundació Bioregió de Catalunya

Raquel Riera
Head Of Innovation And Talent Development
Biocat, la Fundació Bioregió de Catalunya

CRAASH Barcelona is a 12-week programme that helps European research teams launch successful device, diagnostic and e/digital health innovations designed to improve health and patient care. Teams move research to market with the mentoring of experts from CIMIT, which is based in Boston, US, and is the most experienced health accelerator in the world.

Important dates

  • Application deadline: 13 March 2019
  • Start of programme: 13-15 April 2019
  • Final week: First week of November 2019
  • A select group will participate in an additional programme in Boston: Mid-November 2019 

Is it for me?

CRAASH accepts teams in the health-tech and medical technology sector. CRAASH supports research projects and soon-to-be incorporated or already incorporated start-ups at a minimum development stage of TRL 3 or TRL 4, and with a proof of concept or proof of feasibility. If already incorporated they must:

  1. be looking for an application in healthcare for their technology;
  2. and/or be researching/validating their business model.

CRAASH Barcelona teams must include three key members: 

  • Entrepreneurial Lead: focusing on overall business objectives, customer definition, business plan, etc., and responsible for coordinating the team’s work. Does not need to have a business background.
  • Clinical Lead: focusing on medical and healthcare delivery issues.
  • Technical Lead: focusing on available technology options, requirements and architectural issues.

Research projects that will not be accepted include drug development projects that specialise in developing compounds that deliver or improve the delivery of medicines to targeted areas in the body.

The programme

This 12-week training programme, spread over a period of six months, will include on-site and off-site sessions in both Barcelona and Boston. Participating teams will have a kick-off meeting in Barcelona, during which each team is assigned an experienced executive: a successful healthcare entrepreneur, commercialisation expert and investor that provides one-to-one facilitation throughout the programme.

This is followed by coaching over a period of two months via eight webinars held every Tuesday from 16:00-18:00 CET.

After the webinars, there will be an evaluation, and the most promising teams will be selected to visit other countries to validate their business concept in partner organisations in France (Medicen) and The Netherlands (Yes!Delft). These teams will compete in pitch competitions, and eight finalist teams will be chosen to travel to Boston, US under the guidance of CIMIT. There they will pitch in front of the CIMIT ecosystem and will also extend their trip to validate the market.

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