EIT Health Scandinavia

EIT Health Scandinavia, the regional representation of Partners located in Denmark, Sweden and Estonia, drives a range of activities to support promising start-ups and education initiatives designed to further healthcare innovation.


EIT Health Scandinavia derives its power from 18 partners, comprised of healthcare providers, strong industrial leaders and highly engaged universities and business schools, who together benefit from EIT Health’s unique collaborative environment.

The partnership includes:

  • Seven public partners – the strongest representation of public partners within the overall EIT Health network. Our public partners serve and represent nearly 50% of the Danish and Swedish population.
  • Six prestigious universities and a business school.
  • Three leaders in the life science industry and a national research and innovation institute.

Through its network of prestigious Danish, Swedish, Estonian partners, affiliated organisations, innovation ecoystems and regional collaborators, EIT Health Scandinavia has strong connections to the local start-up scenes and investor communities in all health-related sectors.

Support to start-ups, education

Start-ups and SMEs supported by EIT Health Scandinavia include such success stories as STHLM3, the blood-based test for Prostate cancer and winner of 2017 EIT Innovators award, as well as Ilya Pharma, TADA Medical and many others.

Education and degree programmes supported by EIT Health Scandinavia include the EIT-labelled Master of Science in Innovation and Healthcare, the EIT-labelled PhD programme Research, Entrepreneurship Combining Innovation with PhD Education (RECIPE), the Fellowships Network, the citizen outreach activity Run4Health, and several Summer Schools and Innovation Days.

EIT Health Scandinavia News

Co-Up Lab; merging education and co-creation

The world’s first educational pop-up space took place at the entrance of a Stockholm hospital on 11-12 September. The Stockholm E-lab (which is a collaboration between local and cross CLC partners) is launching mobile education spaces where the key co ...
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Ten start-ups selected for the EIT Health Digital Sandbox Programme

Ten SMEs have been selected to participate in the EIT Health Digital Sandbox Programme. Chosen from around 30 applicants, the winners come from all over Europe and will receive support in developing relevant products and services by taking advantage o ...
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Thirteen start-ups win EIT Health Scandinavia Headstart awards for 2019

Thirteen start-ups were officially named today as winners of the 2019 EIT Health Scandinavia Headstart awards. Chosen from around 40 applicants, the winners come from all over Scandinavia and will receive funding that helps them take steps towards ...
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23 European incubators help European start-ups to international expansion

Imagine you are a small start-up, and you get the chance to meet 23 European incubators and R&D clusters who want to support your company’s international expansion! That was the envious situation of the start-up CEOs participating in the f ...
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Lessons in expression: Pitch SCAN Alumni Workshop Copenhagen

From "Death by Power Point" to a lean pitch structure – the road to a convincing pitch can be difficult. With the understanding that scientific excellence does not make a good speaker, budding entrepreneurs and others who had successfully completed EI ...
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SelfDiagnostics from Estonia presents at MedTech Strategist Forum for investors

The Estonian SME Self-diagnostics was one of two particularly promising European start-ups that EIT Health chose to invite to the Medtech Strategist Forum, which unites more than 450 leading key decision-makers and ...
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Video: Innovation Day at Uppsala University

Uppsala University has released a new video about the outcomes of the EIT Health Innovation Day that they hosted on 23 November 2018.
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Videos: Alumni Board Managers interviewed at the EIT Health Summit

Alumni Board Managers Ayse Tolunay and Ben Hayward recorded video interviews at the EIT Health Summit in Lodz, Poland in December, just after hosting their own Alumni Summit in the same town. They spoke of the special benefits of belonging to EIT Heal ...
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Video interview: Accelerator's GoGlobal Medtech activity

Olof Berglund, a GoGlobal Medtech project leader, explains how this EIT Health Accelerator activity helps to support start-ups as they seek to expand from their home markets and enter into new countries in this video interview.
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Governments get behind EIT Health-backed Stockholm3 prostate cancer test

The Stockholm3 blood test, which provides more accurate diagnostics for prostate cancer and is supported by EIT Health, announced new government backing in two separate developments at the end of 2018: Stockholm3 will become a standard part of ...
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Students develop innovations at first EIT Health Arrowhead Workshop for Digital European Health Services

Student teams developed digital healthcare innovations, like an application for personalised medication and a chatb ...
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Video interview: JPAST helps with early diagnosis of joint afflictions

The JPAST EIT Health Innovation Project is developing new tools to permit earlier diagnosis of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, afflictions of the joints that affect 5% of all Europeans, according to this video interview with Maryam Poorafshar ...
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EIT Health Think Tank releases report on Big Data and healthcare at Summit

The results of the first year of EIT Health Think Tank discussions, covering the potential for Big Data in healthcare, were presented 5 December 2018 at the EIT Health Summit in Lodz, Poland, and are now available online here.
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EIT Health Scandinavia names Erik Forsberg as new Managing Director

EIT Health Scandinavia on 3 December 2018 announced that its Board, following an extensive recruitment process, has officially appointed Erik Forsberg as its new Managing Director, effective 1 March 2019. Erik joins us from Uppsala BIO, an organisatio ...
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Video interview: EIT Health's Fellowship Network supports innovation and sparks spin-offs

As project leader Daniel Mogefors explains in this video interview, the EIT Health Fellowship Network supports healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs by putting them together ...
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Meet the Swedish e-Health company Pilloxa

The Swedish company Pilloxa addresses the challenge of poor adherence to medication. “Did you know that hundreds of thousands of patients in the EU are dying every year from poor adherence?” says Per Nilsson, head of sales and finance and co-founder o ...
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Big interest in the Run4Health initiative at the Culture Night in Copenhagen

Around 10 000 Copenhagen citizens came by the stands set up by students from the University of Copenhagen during Kulturnatten on 12 October. The Run4Health activity students had to deal with long queues of many interested citiz ...
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Meet Lizanne Svane and her company Tubus Technology

Tubus Technology is a Danish company developing simple and smart solutions to empower people with mobility disabilities in their independence. Its product, TubusOne, is a low-tech communication device used for navigating on tablets and smartphones. It ...
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Innovation Game Summer School

Innovation Game is a course that provides knowledge of innovative processes and innovative thinking as tools to solve need-based problems in interdisciplinary groups. The focus is on solutions that can promote changes in healthcare and stimulate healt ...
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