Jean Marc Bourez
Managing Director
EIT Health France


04 October 2019

Start-up Kick Off Training: Make your own entrepreneurship journey

Start-up kick off (Paris E-Lab) is a two-week training divided into two modules hosted by the University of Naples Federico II and Sorbonne University. This training aims to help participants to develop their own entrepreneurship project and turn int ...

29 September 2019

Accelerator gives start-ups training, support with intellectual property – Alumni applicants encouraged

EIT Health Accelerator has partnered with the EPO (European Patent Office) and 4IP Council to offer support in handling intellectual property, and EIT Health Alumni are given preference in applying for the programme. Have you ensu ...

01 October 2019

Attend the CRISH short course: Co-creating Innovative Solutions for Health

CRISH (Co-cReating Innovative Solutions for Health) is a short course that brings together key stakeholders from across all health sectors – patients, caregivers, researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers and other healthcare allied p ...

25 September 2019

EIT Health UK-Ireland offering voucher for MCN mentoring support

EIT Health UK-Ireland is calling for applications from start-ups that are based in UK and Ireland and would like to receive a €1 500 voucher to cover cost of flash mentoring from the Mentoring & Coaching Network. The EIT Health Mentoring & Co ...

14 October 2019

Learn to counsel recipients of health-related genetic tests in the PEPRECO pre-pilot course

Anyone interested in becoming a counsellor for individuals undergoing commercial health-related genetic testing is invited to receive essential training for this role in the pre-pilot of our new course. Participants will have the opportunity to w ...

EIT Health France

EIT Health France is headquartered in Sorbonne Université's Campus in the city of Paris, a vibrant financial and economic center with a long record of innovation and business incubation and a highly developed and dynamic innovation ecosystem.

We also have a satellite office in Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes, which includes a strong community of existing clusters and incubators with innovative startups, SMEs and joint teams from major academic and industrial stakeholders.


EIT Health France gathers excellent partners from the health ecosystems, with industrial partners in big pharma, medtech, biotech, healthcare and big data companies, as well as academic partners like leading universities and research institutes.

The Wild Card programe, pioneered by EIT Health, is a great example to give an idea of our missions and activities. This programme is aiming to bring together the brightest minds in our health ecosystem to work on two of Europe's most complex healthcare challenges. The 2018-2019 Wild Card challenges are focusing on both mental and brain health and the application of digital biomarkers to improve early diagnostics.


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EIT Health France News

Corporate and investors are invited to join the European Health Catapult Semi-finals

EIT Health warmly invites its corporate partners and investors part of the network to attend the European Health Catapult Semi-Finals
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Innovation Fellowships Day 2019

On September 6th, EIT Health academic and industrial partners participated to an Innovation Fellowships Workshop organised by Sorbonne Université, Medicen and the Institut Universitaire d’Ingénierie en Santé (IUIS).
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Innovation Days 2019 in France

Innovation Days promote health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes held at academic institutions around Europe. Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and work in multidisciplinary team ...
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Protect Ur Life 2019, 2nd Edition

On August 31st – September 1st, the pulse of the city of Paris beated to the rhythm of risk prevention for bone fragility and cardiovascular disease.
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EIT Health at MedInfo 2019

As a partner of the event, EIT Health was present for the 17th edition of the MedInfo 2019 World Congress of Medical Informatics, which was held in Lyon from 26 to 30 August.
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EIT Health GoGlobal will introduce 13 European companies to the Canadian market

Following an intensive selection process by a dedicated European-Canadian jury, 13 European companies were named as participants the 2019 edition of the EIT Health GoGlobal Canada programme, which will offer them a ...
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Talent Crunch Round-table 2019

EIT Health France participated on 18 June in a round table organised by Strammer (French Network Partner) about the Talent Crunch in the healthcare professions.
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EIT Health's projects and masterclass at FUTUR.E.S 2019

EIT Health was present during Futur.e.s, the first European festival of digital and sustainable innovation, organized by our partner Cap Digital on the 13th and 14th of June 2019.
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EIT Health France awards 15 start-ups Headstart support for 2019

EIT Health France chose 15 French start-ups as winners of EIT Health Headstart support after an intensive three days of pitching by 31 contestants during 1-3 July 2019. The winning start-ups are developing innovations like improved cancer-drug deliver ...
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16 french start-ups selected for GoGlobal

EIT Health’s GoGlobal aims to provide companies in medtech, biotech and digital health with the competence needed for international expansion.
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The French Selection of the 2019 Headstart Funding Programme Pitch Hearing

During three intensives days on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July 2019, in the headquarters of EIT Health France, the representatives of 31 selected start-ups pitched their ideas in front of high-level experts represented by members partner ...
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A France-Germany Bilateral Meeting

For this year’s EIT Health Germany Annual Symposium EIT Health France join forces with EIT Health Germany to focus on cross-border cooperation in two very important fields: “Artificial Intelligence in Health” and “Antimicrobial Resistance”.
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Regional Selections of the European Health Catapult in France

On May 23rd, 2019, EIT Health France organised a public pitching contest for the Regional Selections of the European Health Catapult programme where the best French start-ups in each category (Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health) pitched their busines ...
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EIT Health France's Plaza Open Day

The EIT Health France team opened their doors to assist partners with their projects submission on Plaza.
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EIT Health France reaches out to patients' associations, citizens' collectives and others for new collaborations

The EIT Health France team continues to evolve to meet needs of partners and contri ...
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Video: Workshop on EIT Health Innovation Project that helps fight superbugs

A new video provides a presentation of a workshop organised around BL-DetectTool, an EIT Health Innovation Project that supports a simple affordable system for detecting antimicrobial-resistant superbugs. The gathering, held in Bar ...
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Altran and Sanofi support Wild Card challenge regarding mental and brain health

Altran and Sanofi, two core EIT Health partners from France, are supporting one of the two challenges laid out for this year’s EIT Health Wild Card programme: mental and brain health.
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Students develop innovations at first EIT Health Arrowhead Workshop for Digital European Health Services

Student teams developed digital healthcare innovations, like an application for personalised medication and a chatb ...
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French start-ups awarded by EIT Health during European Summit 2018

After the grand finale that took place in Lodz, the winners of the European Health Catapult Business Plan Competition – in the three categories of Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health – were chosen by a professional jury following pitches by 22 finalis ...
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EIT Health France announces winning start-ups of Headstart Funding Programme 2018

Six of eleven start-ups supported by the 2018 EIT Health France HeadStart Funding Programme have been selected to receive an additional €10 000 support to develop their projects.
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The winners of the University of Grenoble Alpes Innovation Day have been chosen

Laura, Loïc, Maxime, Olivier and Tiffany won the Grenoble edition of the Innovation Days event organised this year in 18 European universities - all partners of EIT Health. The final stage of the Innovation Days too ...
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The winner of the Sorbonne University Innovation Day has been chosen

Innovation Days encourage and promote health innovation amongst students. On 29 November, at Sorbonne University’s Faculty of Medicine, the challenge which required entreprenurial spirits and creative thinking was approached by nearly 40 students, mos ...
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Europe’s top health start-ups in Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health win cash and recognition at EIT Health Summit

SyNoesis, a start-up developing a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, Sleepiz, a ...
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FabLab Escape: The game to discover prototyping tools

Grenoble E-lab and the Starter Lab Network of EIT Health, in collaboration with Prismatik, FabMSTIC and Charlie Carpene Conseil, has created a new type of Escape Game: the FabLab Escape where participants learn how to use fablab prototyping tools whil ...
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Linxens joins EIT Health France as Network Partner

Linxens will be joining EIT Health to better understand the market and the challenges of the health industry and to connect to key players of the Blood Glucose Monitoring market. Linxens wants to contribute to the EIT Health Partners' success by provi ...
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CERITD joins EIT Health France as Network Partner

CERITD, the Centre for Studies and Research for the Intensification of Diabetes Treatment, will join EIT Health France as a Network Partner. CERITD wants to take part in a European innovative community of players addressing all the steps of the care c ...
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A workshop for students on EIT Health MTiH

On Friday 5 October, the Master of Technological Innovation in Health (MTiH) held its first workshop for students at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). Students from all five partner universities involved in the MTiH programme (Sorbonne Unive ...
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Students can innovate at I-Day events around Europe in November

Details have been released for 17 Innovation Days scheduled around Europe in November, to offer hundreds of students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills and work in teams on developing healthcare innovations. Another event is set for March ...
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Three more EIT Health degree programmes earn EIT Label

Three new EIT Health degree programmes joined the two that were already awarded the EIT Label, a certificate of quality for Master and Doctoral programmes that combine excellent scientific education with innovation and entrepreneurship training. EIT-L ...
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Cook2Health’s pilot study presents at the ESPEN Congress

The Cook2Health pilot study aims to assess the feasibility of a larger study on the impact of connected cooking devices on dietary habits and health. The project team was very eager to present at the ESPEN Congress on Clinical & Metabolism, in Madrid, ...
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