Ursula Muehle
Director of Education
EIT Health

Campus citizen engagement:
Placing the citizen in the centre

EIT Health gives strategic importance to developing new solutions that support European citizens in managing their own health and in leading healthy lives.

The Campus Citizen Engagement Activity Line has been created to support that work.

These activities are designed to engage with the citizens as a consortium. Citizen Engagement involves developing new means of innovation by supporting citizen science, (big) data handling, co-creation, market investigation and taking other novel approaches.

Objectives of Citizen Engagement:

  • Co-creation with citizens, who can also give early feedback and market validation from end users of the products and services we develop.
  • Empowering citizens to manage their health with community forming, information, advice and learning.
  • Cooperation with citizens to create better organised data, which can lead to better, more personalised healthcare. 

Degrees of engagement

Four phases in Citizen Engagement have been defined, and they range from a moderate amount of engagement to full engagement, with different examples of activities aimed specifically at citizens:  

  • Reaching out to citizens
  • Informing citizens
  • Engaging with citizens
  • Citizens in the driver’s seat 


Current Campus activities that involve Citizen Engagement include:

  • HeaLIQs: Aims to increase public visibility of regional R&D in the area of Healthy Living and Active Ageing by inviting citizens to engage in a Lifestyle Innovation Quarter - temporary fora established at a central location in the city during a big public event, such as an organised run.
  • Shape U Up: Fosters innovative health promotion activities on university campuses and in the surrounding communities. Activities are community-based, centered in youth participation, and embedded in cross-cultural (European) collaboration. 
  • Run4Health: Targets a broad public audience as it promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through outreach activities held in conjunction with running races in three Scandinavian cities. The activity involves cross-disciplinary groups of students, researchers and business collaborators.
  • CoActive: Offers co-designed open spaces in reinstated locations that provide citizens with workshops, coaching and health-oriented activities. In parallel, the workshops will prepare, district per district, a festival promoting new and healthy pathways.
  • P-Pals: A programme prompting older adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) to take a leadership role in promoting physical activity among their peers. 
  • MOOC: CitizenHealthData: A MOOC aimed at teaching citizens to take control of their medical data, to empower individuals to make the best decisions related to their own health data management.
  • MOOC: Sweet Dreams: A MOOC raising public awareness about sleep and its impact on the quality of life. 

Previous Campus activities in Citizen Engagement include:

Videos from our activites:

The Coventry Citizens Festival 2017 (1000 participants):

The Rotterdam Civil Servants Festival 2017 (400 participants):