Citizen engagement

All of EIT Health’s activities are geared toward improving healthcare for European citizens, which means that citizens are beneficiaries of everything we do. Citizens are also a consideration in all of our activities, which is why we try to involve them in co-design of innovation and ensuring participatory, human-centred research.

Activities aimed specifically at citizens include:

  • Citizen involvement to shape priorities for EIT Health Think Tank.

  • Educational activities, including Massive Open Online Courses that teach people how to better care for themselves and loved ones.

  • Collaboration with municipalities across Europe to arrange public events where citizens can learn more about their health, and healthcare innovation.

EIT Health gives strategic importance to developing new solutions that support European citizens in managing their own health and in leading healthy lives.

The Citizen Engagement Activity Line has been created to support that work.

These activities are designed to engage with the citizens as a consortium. Citizen Engagement involves developing new means of innovation by supporting citizen science, (big) data handling, co-creation, market investigation and taking other novel approaches.

Objectives of Citizen Engagement:

  • Co-creation with citizens, who can also give early feedback and market validation from end users of the products and services we develop.
  • Empowering citizens to manage their health with community forming, information, advice and learning.
  • Cooperation with citizens to create better organised data, which can lead to better, more personalised healthcare. 

Degrees of engagement

Four phases in Citizen Engagement have been defined, and they range from a moderate amount of engagement to full engagement, with different examples of activities aimed specifically at citizens:  

  • Reaching out to citizens
  • Informing citizens
  • Engaging with citizens
  • Citizens in the driver’s seat 

Learn more about current Citizen Engagement activities on this page.