Daniela Tropea
Assistant Professor
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin


Biology of Brain Disorders 2019: New frontiers in innovation

BRAINNOVATE is a Summer School blending the interdisciplinary study of brain disorders with innovation training. Through interaction with neuroscientists, pharma-company leaders and innovators, the students will be trained in creative thinking, product development and leadership. 

Abour this activity

The BRAINNOVATE course proposes an alternative view of brain disorders, focusing on mechanisms operating across different disorders rather than the pathophysiology of each specific disorder. The main goal of the course, is to deepen our understanding of brain pathologies, and to consider taking treatments that are currently used in some disorders and repositioning them to treat other disorders. Students will experience a transformational learning environment that fosters personal and professional growth and enables the translation of knowledge and ideas into innovative strategies for diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. Together with basic lectures given by leaders in neuroscience, participants will be taught important skills for innovation and entrepreneurship, including:

  • idea generation, translation and validation;
  • creative problem solving, including design thinking;
  • storytelling communications;
  • lean business methodologies;
  • and leadership development.

The course is open to students and professionals with a basic background in neuroscience, and/or to entrepreneurs who are considering investing in the field of brain disorders.

The course will be held 16-25 June 2019 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Apply here to participate.

Visit the course website.

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