Maria Carol Sanjurjo
Institut de Formació Contínua – IL3


Training professionals and families for a healthier childhood

All@once is developing a course to show professionals how to create healthy habits among children aged 3-6, so that the youngsters grow up to be healthy adults. The long-term objective is to build a society with healthier habits, thereby reducing the costs of hospitalisation and the burden of chronic diseases. This activity takes an innovative approach in both the methodology and the content of the courses provided, to develop top class comprehensive training modules based on a holistic concept of health.

About this activity

All@once offers training for professionals as a way to encourage health promotion and disease prevention by developing good habits among the young. According to a WHO report, preventive approaches can contribute between 50-75% to the reduction of mortality from cardio vascular diseases in high-income countries, and up to 78% globally. Given the importance of teaching healthy habits at a young age to increase the possibility of a longer, healthier life, this course addresses people who can train children aged 3-6: primary health professionals, teachers and parents. All@once uses innovative education methodologies and connects the knowledge of first-class academic experts in health promotion and disease prevention with a network of well-grounded institutions. The result is excellent training courses for health and education professionals. Based on a holistic comprehension of health and health cost-effectiveness, the course will provide agile and modular micro trainings targeting behavioural change, with content and format defined by experts and end-users, to assure optimal uptake and sustained attendance and participation in the proposed training.