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Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) - TIMC-IMAG


Artificial Intelligence for Reinventing European Healthcare

This Summer School addresses the complex challenge of reinventing the European healthcare sector with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using experienced-based co-design (EBCD), which involves input of healthcare staff and patients, participants will discover how they can use AI to develop innovative projects that increase efficiency in R&D.

About this activity

This course will show students how to use AI to develop systemwide solutions to the problem of rising healthcare costs. Healthcare will continue to represent a greater share of the economy, and growing costs could lead to budget deficits, less spending in areas such as infrastructure and education, and eroding of citizens’ ability to pay for other goods and services. Widening inequities across the world mean that more and more people cannot obtain the health services they need, because those services are either inaccessible, unavailable, unaffordable or of poor quality.

Because these problems are systemic in nature, and require an all-encompassing approach, this training will expose participants to some of the most recent ideas and techniques in AI, providing the keys for understanding and implementing all the phases required to move quickly from an idea to the market. Students will learn to develop solutions that bridge the gap between the proof of efficacy required to pass regulatory scrutiny and the statistical demonstration of likely effectiveness needed to satisfy health technology assessment bodies. The programme will provide theoretical and practical knowledge regarding various aspects of AI challenges in healthcare, and introduce a needs-led innovation approach on precision medicine.

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