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EIT Health Digital Town Hall: Join an online conversation about the potential of Big Data in healthcare

After three EIT Health Think Tank Roundtables on using Big Data to innovate better healthcare, we invite the public to ...
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Third EIT Health Think Tank Round Table hosted by Karolinska Institutet

In its efforts to accelerate the implementation of healthcare innovations, EIT Health has set up a series of Think Tank Round Tables on the topic of Big Data, to frame and address needs through its unique innovation platform. The third Think Tank ...
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Second EIT Health Think Tank Roundtable on Big Data hosted by the University of Oxford

“We need to use existing Big Data to its full potential to improve healthcare”, says Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO of EIT Health, at “Big Data in Healthcare”, an EIT Health Think Tank roundtable ...
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EIT Health Scandinavia Think Tank: Biobanks and quality registers

The Think Tank brings together groups of experts, drawing on the strength and expertise of the Partner Network, to debate key topics of interest suggested by the Steering Committee. The aim of the expert groups is to provide information and advice to ...
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EIT Health Spain holds first Think Tank Round Table on Big Data

The roundtable on “The use of existing Big Data to improve Healthcare: Spanish contribution to the topic” took place in Barcelona, organised by EIT Health Spain and hosted by the IESE Business School.
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The EIT Health Think Tank is a forum of experts and thought leaders cooperating to shape the future of healthcare in Europe.

The Think Tank brings together EIT Health Partners with other leading healthcare stakeholders to agree on means for ensuring that innovation reaches the citizens and patients who need it most. Through central and local exchanges, Think Tank members seek to identify healthcare needs and potential solutions to those needs.

The Think Tank dialogues inform EIT Health activities, giving us the knowledge we need to to ensure that resources and innovation are optimised to address healthcare’s most pressing issues.

First topic: Big Data in healthcare

After a careful process of defining key issues, the topic that the EIT Health Think Tank chose to address in its first year, 2018, was the potential of Big Data in healthcare. There was a working group discussion on the topic, followed by three regional meetings, held in Spain, the UK and Sweden. Based on these dialogues, Think Tank members have identified recommended actions for EIT Health to take, and they are summarised in a final report.

Download the Roundtable reports:

Download the 2018 final report on Big Data here.

How the Think Tank works

The Think Tank Steering Committee proposes topics high on the European health agenda, to be discussed in annual cycles. These discussions with partners and other stakeholders take place in pan-European Working Groups, and the results are then built upon and shaped for the local context in regional Round Tables hosted by EIT Health co-location centres. This approach allows for discussions that focus on specific local needs while also giving visibility to successful solutions that could be replicated at a European level.

Outcomes and how we use them

Conclusions and recommendations stemming from these discussions are used to ensure that EIT Health's strategy and activities focus on what matters most. The Think Tank also guides EIT Health Public Affairs efforts aimed at contributing to health policy and healthcare system improvements across Europe.

By identifying key pressure points and catalysing discussion, the Think Tank drives need-focused innovation within the EIT Health community and beyond, to better meet the needs of European citizens.