Silvia Matrai
International Project Manager
Fundació Clínic per la Recerca Biomèdica

Training Digital Health Professionals in Product Co-creation Processes (d-HealthyLife)

The d-HealthyLife training is intended as a co-creation training module on mHealth tools up to the market readiness stage. A participatory approach in conceptualising, designing and deploying mHealth solutions will improve the effectiveness and lifecycle of those solutions. Co-creation will enable developers to integrate the actual needs of intended users in all stages of product development. The programme’s interaction with the EIT Health community is an important factor in the module development, testing and dissemination.

Course/Programme Objectives: Mobile phones and wearables are a platform with great potential for delivering personalised healthcare, lifestyle interventions and self-management tools to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases – in particular, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. But the high turnover and short lifecycle of most digital health solutions and products is evidence of the limited uptake and scarce adherence by their intended users, hence their minimal public health impact. In order to ensure optimal uptake and sustained use of digital health products, the whole range of targeted users should be mapped and involved from the concept stage of product development, so that the solutions delivered meet their priorities, motivations, needs and expectations, and draw on their specific knowledge and skills. Our idea is to close the existing gap in attitudes, knowledge and skills of digital health developers with respect to the potential of user involvement in all stages of the development and commercialisation of a new service or product. This programme will train digital health developers to efficiently and sustainably involve their targeted customer groups in all product co-creation processes.

Target Group: Our targeted learner profiles include individual and small and big company-affiliated digital health developers, project managers and entrepreneurs, as we understand that these profiles (individual, SME, big company) account for similar shares of the digital health market. Ideal trainee candidates have a proven academic and/or professional track record in digital health, in particular mHealth development, and are familiar with the basics of the user-centered design approach.

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