Joan Escarrabill
Hospital Clínic - Barcelona


Co-cReating Innovative Solutions for Health

This is the latest version of the successful CRISH programme, which brings together key stakeholders from across health sectors, training them to engage and co-create innovative solutions and research projects. Through a train-the-trainers programme, CRISH 3 will incorporate instructors from all EIT Health Co-Location Centres, including two from InnoStars, so that the CRISH course will be taught in a broader set of countries and EIT Health regions.

About this activity

The expansion of CRISH, through CRISH 3 in 2019, will lead to almost 100 more people being trained in co-creation of innovative solutions for health, including patients, researchers and health professionals. The face-to-face courses will be complemented by an updated Massive Open Online Course, providing training via the internet. The first round of EIT funding allowed the pilot and validation of content of the CRISH programme – a course of co-creation of innovation for health based on the concepts of patient experience, responsible research, and innovation and entrepreneurship in health. Phase 2 of CRISH disseminated the concept through the organisation of several courses that saw patients, health professionals and researchers participate together in different settings and languages.

Now Phase 3 of CRISH expands the consortium to new countries and EIT Health Partners, with the aim of training trainers and further disseminating the necessary methodologies to co-create citizen-centred innovative solutions for health. CRISH will be present in this third phase in all the EIT Health CLCs, including two InnoStars countries. In addition, the previously developed CRISH miniMOOC will be updated to a full MOOC that will allow everyone to follow the CRISH course online, and will incorporate all the languages present in the consortium.

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